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Advanced Blackjack strategy


As it happens with many games, the more you play, the better you become.

However, there are games like online blackjack, which requires a long experience before we can even build our basic strategy.

Most of the players learn from others.

While playing blackjack, astute players observe other gamers, who realistically are more experienced, and try to absorb their strategy and technique by mimicking them and repeating their behaviour.

As this method seems right, it works only in the short term. Everyone should learn and apply his strategy, to avoid those “bad habits” which are very diffused.

We are going to list a sequence of strategic movements which came out after a long experience of playing blackjack.

Remember, there are games based on luck, there are others based on strategy and patterns.

The strategy for online blackjack

No one knows everything but at least we can try to remember the most important steps to take when we are facing specific situations.

All the strategies are based on math. When the chances of hitting a win are higher than those to lose, we have to follow the math. No matter what we believe, math always wins.

Learn ‘how to count’ in blackjack games

The first thing we are going to tell you will make you feel a bit concerned but we can ensure you, everything you do pass from this first step. 

This strategy applies even before you start playing. Learn how to count the card. No one can count the cards, but there are several methods which can give you a fair advantage if used.

This means that you always have a way out. It will happen, no matter how good you are in playing cards, we are human beings and we fail, sooner or later, then if we are facing a situation we don’t know how to deal with, having a loophole can limit the risks.

Never split the cards playing blackjack

The second thing to do is, never split your cards if you have a pair of 5s or a pair of 10s.

Considering the starting point, in the case of two 5s, you have a 10, which works fine if you hit in any case no matters which card you’ll get.

On the contrary, by splitting the cards, you will have to face two times the risk of hitting on two fives.

In the case of two 10s, the situation is even more simple, you have a 20, which, sticking with the rules of the game, is the second higher score you can reach in BJ.

Only the 21 can beat you and, as we well know, it is very difficult to get.

Do not stand with a soft 18. Starting with an Ace and a 7, you have good flexibility which makes you in a very good position.

Lots of people think 18 is a good result so they stand no matters what. That is a bad decision.

If we consider the dealer’s upcard, everything can change. In a multi decks table, the dealer must stand if a 17 is shown. In this case, the best move is to double down in the case the dealer has a 3, 4, 5 or 6 as an upcard.

It is the case to stand only when the dealer shows as upcard a 2, 7 and 8.

If, however, the dealer has a 9, 10 or Ace, then it is the time of hitting.

In this last case, the chances of winning are less than the chances of losing, but if you hit, the chances of hitting a win increase of 2%, which is definitively better than nothing.

Final thoughts on the blackjack strategy guide

Math is our ally. You don’t need to be good in calculations or counting, what you need to do though is remember to stick with a strategy.


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