The Basics Of Starting a Youtube Channel


With the growing influence of social media, it’s no surprise that everyone is tempted by the idea of starting their own YouTube channel. Whether you are an aspiring blogger, an athlete who wants to post online workouts or a business that wants to boost its sales, starting your own YouTube channel can surely be a good thing to do. 

Yet, with the countless numbers of online videos posted every minute, you will want to make sure you stand out. In order to gain a steady increase in the number of your followers and get a solid, money making,  number of views and likes, you’ll need to make sure that your videos stand out. 

If you are starting your own YouTube channel, here are some tips to help you during the process:



Determine Your Goals 

Your first step should be to determine your goals for your channel and knowing what you want to achieve with your channel. Ask yourself these questions: Am I trying to promote my business? Or am I showcasing my artwork? Or simply sharing my skill or hobby? Or whether you want to become a well-known online personality and make money out of it? Until you can answer these questions, you can’t start creating content. 

Plan Your Content 

Planning and knowing what you will be posting on your YouTube channel is extremely important. Your content is the most important thing about your channel. You can start by writing down all the ideas for the videos you want to create then search for those ideas in YouTube’s search box to see what comes up. This way, you will be able to know what your competitors are doing and devise a way to create better content. 

Invest in the Equipment and Tools that you will use

Although using your smartphone can be an acceptable way to record your videos, it would be better if you are using professional equipment like a good camera and microphone. Increasing your views can be done by investing in equipment which makes the quality of your videos better. Most YouTubers use cinematic cameras like a DSLR along with other videography essentials such as lighting and lenses. 

Another important thing is to find the right YouTube editing software, which is also very important for the quality of your videos. You will not necessarily need advanced software in order to edit your content as you can find several simple editing software that is user-friendly and easily downloadable to your computer. 

Make it Short and Consistent 

When you are still new to YouTube, viewers will not bother to watch your video if it is more than 3-minutes long. When you are first starting, make your videos as short as possible. You will need to be consistent with your videos, and provide content on a regular basis in order to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Design Compelling Thumbnails 

The video thumbnail and title are the first things viewers see when your video is displayed on YouTube. Creating a thumbnail that pops will separate yourself from similar videos and make sure your viewers will be drawn into watching your video, not other competitors’. 

Although starting your own YouTube channel can seem a little bit scary, yet the benefits of being on YouTube greatly outweigh the downfalls. It is really an easy and affordable way to market yourself or your business, so why not start today and give it a try. 


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