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Mobile Photography & Art – Portrait of an Artist – Second Video of Works – with Maria Cecilia de São Thiago @klimtt


We are delighted to publish our second video showcase from our Portrait of an Artist group by our highly qualified editor, Maria Cecilia de São Thiago. She has selected the very best images from our dedicated Flickr Group as well as our Instagram Group and explains, “as the moment calls I have chosen strong images that have in them an indication of the anxiety that I have been feeling and that I think is inherent in everyone these days”.

Please take a look at this video and the high level of work that continues to astound us. If you would like to be featured, in the future, please ensure you’re contributing your images to these groups so we can find and include your work. Huge thanks and many congratulations to M Cecilia Sao Thiago and to all she has included here. (foreword by Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer).


mobile photography
©Deborah Morbeto


/ ˈPôrtrət, ˈpôrˌtrāt /

a painting, drawing, photograph or print of a person, especially one representing only the face, head and shoulders.

Most people think that a portrait is a photograph of a person who only describes them from head to shoulder. But a portrait can also be of your dog or your hand, holding flowers. The Portrait always says something about the person being portrayed as well as saying a lot about the person who is creating it, either with the camera or with the devices used today.

Portrait is expressing the person concept. Sometimes, a portrait can be a person’s absence, focusing on his belongings or environment.

Portraits capture people and personality. Just as each person is different, the genre encompasses many different styles. But portrait photography translates feelings, moments and provokes reflections.

Today, more than ever, photography has the power to communicate and persuade. It is estimated that every two minutes the same number of photographs will be produced as those originated throughout the 19th century.

The most important rule when making a portrait – or when taking any kind of photo – is that there is no rule. You can place objects or capture them naturally. You can choose to change the lighting in a studio or use natural lighting. There are no rules, but each photographer’s decision changes the way the viewer perceives the photograph. Each of us takes these elements into account when making portraits of friends, family, strangers, or even ourselves.

I believe that a good photographer is one who creates rich and well composed messages. It is not only by mastering the technique that we make good images, but also by seeking other visions and information, such as history or lighting.

Joy, sadness, war and even the struggle for survival can be seen through photographs. More than recording moments, photos convey messages, tell stories and lead to important reflections.

The coronavirus pandemic is demanding drastic changes in the routine of all of us around the world. The situation requires making difficult decisions to maintain responsibility for everyone’s life, but this is also the moment when this virus was a catalyst for crises when we used photography to ease our anxieties and understand what is going on inside us.

To be ahead in capturing images with precision and techniques, photographers of this practice seek new paths and knowledge. And here we have these stunning images from the group, which I feel honoured to manage, “PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST “, by The App Whisperer, the most popular mobile art and photography magazine created by Joanne Carter. 

Use the hashtag #tawportraitofanartist if you want to have your image chosen 

In this video, pictures by; 

Alexis Rotella‎ – @tankaqueen

Antonio Freitas‎ – @antoniofreitas

Catherine Caddigan @catherine.caddigan

Deborah Morbeto – @deborahmorbetofineart

RogerGuetta – @draman

Eliza Tsitsimeaua – @eliza_tsistimeaua 

Fatma Korkut – fadik___

Ile Mont – @ilemusi

Isabel Afonso – @imaco57

Jane Schultz‎ – @before.1st.light 

Janis Brandenburg Lee – @janisbrandenburg

Jean Hutter‎ – @jeanhutter1

Joe Kandiko‎ – @joekandiko

Judy Lurie Wahlberg – @judy_lurie_wahlberg

Kathryn Mastrogiovanni – @kathrynmastrogiovanni

Andrea – @lochthyme1

Lorenka Campos – @lorenka

Louise Whiting – @louisewhitingiphoneart

Manfred Koschabek‎ = @tsetao

MaryJane Rosenfeld‎ = @emjai_ 

Dale Botha – @marymodale

Nicole Christophe – @nicolechristophe

Nora Griffin Bokor‎

Oola Cristina – @oolacristina

Peter Wilkin – @peterwilkin1

Damian De Souza – @remintrusions

Sarah Bichachi – @sarahbichachi

Jenny Pieters – @sodium_light22

Vicki Cooper – @vadqcooper

Bridget Robertson – @wemarriage_goddess

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