Mobile Art – APPart Interview with Bobbi McMurry by Diana Nicholette Jeon


I am truly delighted to publish this eloquent interview with our APPart Editor, Bobbi McMurry by talented mobile artist Diana Nicholette Jeon. Jeon walks McMurry through our serious and diverse interview questions and does more than lift the lid and spill the beans; she enables McMurry to stand outside of herself and revel in her sensational mobile art. Once read, it leaves us feeeling consoled, affirmed and grateful; this is truth-telling, Jeon outstretches her hand and we take it.

Many thanks to you both Bobbi and Diana for this interview. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

“Over the course of the past year, I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Bobbi McMurry. A similarity in approach and subject matter in our work initiated it, but an amiable camaraderie cemented it. I remain awed by her insightful commentary on the work in the showcases she curates, and her choices of artists to interview. And her work. Her work! It’s so strong and compelling, and distinctly of her. All this got me thinking about how she spends so much time giving attention to other people, and that it was, perhaps, time for the spotlight to shine on Bobbi herself. So I contacted Joanne Carter and asked if I might interview Bobbi, if both were amenable. They were.

Thank you Joanne, for the opportunity to let us know more about Bobbi. And thank you, Bobbi, for sharing so unflinchingly about your life and work. I hope everyone else enjoys this as much as I did”.

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