Samsung Introduces the New Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has just announced the newest members of the Galaxy J series, the Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+.

“The Galaxy J6+ and J4+ further draw on the fundamentals of the Galaxy portfolio’s heritage of innovation to bring incredible style and technology at a highly-competitive price point,” said Kate Beaumont, Director of Product, Services & Commercial Strategy, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland.

“Featuring a stunning design and display, enhanced camera experience and high-performance capabilities, both products enable users to get even more out of their Galaxy J smartphone for longer than ever before.”

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Five New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones


RIM has announced the launch of a family of handsets that will be RIM’s largest global launch ever and more than 225 carriers and distribution partners have already commenced or completed over 500 certification programs for these 5 new handsets. Featuring RIM’s next generation of hardware and software platforms, these five new BlackBerry 7 based … Read moreFive New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

Tesco Mobile Reports Android Outselling iPhone


Tesco Mobile, one of the UK’s leading networks has confirmed that their sales of Android smartphones have surpassed Apple iPhones for the first time. There has been a shift as before Christmas, Tesco Mobile witnessed Apple iPhones outselling Android smartphones by two-to-one.   However, January saw a rapid increase in Android smartphone sales which resulted … Read moreTesco Mobile Reports Android Outselling iPhone

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