Streets Ahead – Sixteenth Edition


Welcome to the sixteenth edition of Streets Ahead, a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers. Each week we have a curator review all of the work submitted to our Flickr group, and present a few of their favorite shots along with some thoughtful commentary about the technique, composition, subject matter, and a short … Read more Streets Ahead – Sixteenth Edition

Gray’s Anatomy – ‘And the winner is…’ – By Richard Gray


Sound of a drum roll. And I am delighted to annouce that Vivi Hansen is the winner in our Advanced competition, held jointly by The App Whisperer and Gray’s Anatomy (aka Richard Gray aka @rugfoot)! Vivi wins a place on my Advanced iPhoneography Group class, a course of five weekly evening sessions held in central … Read more Gray’s Anatomy – ‘And the winner is…’ – By Richard Gray

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