Third New Assignment Announced ‘Melancholy’ for our Forthcoming Book ‘Away with Words’


In January we announced a brand new Assignment section to TheAppWhisperer offering an opportunity for mobile photographers and artists to enter into a monthly assignment on a subject matter that we have individually crafted. This new section is another ground breaking topic within our community. Like so many of the sections within TheAppWhisperer, this has not been done before, in this way.

Photographic images have reflected and shaped culture since the inception of the medium and this is non more so apparent than shown within mobile photography and art. The power of mobile art today is inevitably entangled with the diverse tolerances that cultures have in relation to photographs and the vast divergence within different cultures too. Over the past ten years of mobile photography and art we have all experienced great controversies in the world and still, they ensue. Mobile photography is inextricably linked to personal accountability and each member of our mobile community represents a force to relation to our continually changing cultural values, whether by challenging them or reflecting them; photography is co-creating them.

At the end of each month, we will gather the images that have been contributed and select one for an immersive critique. I will personally write this with over 1000 words. Each critique will identify the elements, contextual meaning of these elements, interpretation and conclusion. Each critique will then be published not only on TheAppWhisperer, the world’s most popular mobile photography & art website but also throughout our vast social media channels. At the end of the year, we will publish a book featuring all of these critiques. As you can appreciate each critique will take some time to create well, so we ask, if you would like to take part to donate £10 per image that you submit (there is no limit to the number of images you submit), we feel this is fair. To do this, just select the appropriate allowance at the bottom of our donation section at the end of this post.

Earlier today we published our our second chapter for this book, an essay with Valeria Cammareri’s image focused on the word ‘Identity’, if you missed that, please go here.

In January we published our first essay with an image from Rita Colantino If you missed that, please go here.

Today we are announcing our third Assignment with the topic entitled ‘Melancholy’. Creating art, photography or otherwise, is an outlet to express our emotions. This third assignment can be interpreted in your art literally or metaphorically, or any other interpretations you may draw, all entries are welcome. This assignment window will close on 20 April 2019, when we will announce the new one. To take part please send your image(s) to my email address – and/or to Instagram with this hashtag #tawmelancholyassignment. Please send £10 per image to enter this assignment via the donation table below.

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Assignment – ‘Identity’ – Result and Second Essay with Valeria Cammareri @_soulkitchen_ for our forthcoming book – Away with Words


With one chapter behind us, our second chapter begins to take shape for our forthcoming book ‘Away with Words’, this will be published early next year.

Our assignment’ for this chapter was ‘Identity’ and we selected Valeria Cammareri’s photograph as we feel it epitomises this subject, for our second of twelve 1000 word essays, personally written by myself.

This non fiction work merges discursive scholarship with what may be construed as personal flights of fancy. That is not to say it will disappoint, moreover I have given myself a far and wide range to delve into photography, literature, art, theory, design and music as I tease out my own offbeat associations and at the same time astutely tune into each mobile photographers key tropes and artfully deconstruct their imagery. I thus begin:


What are we looking at? We are looking at a colour photograph taken, we might assume on a hot summer night or evening. The image has been shot from the street with a Moment telephoto lens attached to an Apple iPhone X. A young white, slim woman is in a state of undress, in a grand building against one large window. This second or third floor window is widely open and there are full length, ceiling height, white curtains, tied back to the inner walls, on one side. There is a light on within the room. The woman is clearly visible with the glow of the lighting revealing her standing in a black silk bra with matching black knickers. She is looking at her reflection in what we may presume, as we cannot say for sure, a full length mirror. She is adjusting her long brunette hair. It is pulled back into a pony tail and she appears to be adding a ribbon to the bobble, close to the back of her head. There are clothes hanging on a rail in the background inside of the room and there is also a door inside that is wide open, leading with light.

There is an air of confidence emitting from the woman, she is not self-conscious of being viewed from the room in a state of undress. This is an image that raises questions of voyeurism and surveillance. We selected it for our Identity chapter because it also raises questions reflecting boundaries about technology too. There are moral questions to be answered here, who’s looking, how are they looking and why are they looking. Do you look, or do you look away?


How can this image be interpreted? Photography’, Diane Arbus once said, “was a licence to go wherever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do. I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do… when I first did it I felt very perverse.”  

We are living in a digitally driven culture, most people, at least in the West have a mobile phone, thus a camera and view themselves as photographers, of sorts. Technology, has freed us to bear witness but it has also made voyeurs of us all. It could also be said that it offers fresh ways of satisfying our desire for a ‘secret glimpse’. The internet is overloaded with images far more explicit than this, we are all just a click away from an image that may shock, repel or intensely and intimately please us. Susan Sontag, in her book ‘On Photography’, in 1977, said of  the volume of imagery and ease of access to it, ‘once one has seen such images, one has started down the road of seeing more – and more. Images transfix. Images anaesthetise’. Of course, this is true, not least in relation to sexually explicit imagery, it is a vexed issue.

When viewing sexually explicit images does it make us complicit in their production? In the United Kingdom we considered photographer Bob Carlos Clarke our answer to the German/Australian photographer, Helmut Newton. I met the former many years and ago and the passion emitting from his being stayed with me, one of the most awoke men I have met, a thrilling ally.  I loved his personal style as well as his style of photography. Clarke’s images of women were erotic, long before they were popularised on the internet or elsewhere. Clarke would have loved this image of Cammareri’s except, he would not be in the street below. He would have been in the room with this woman. He would have  dressed at least half of her body in rubber and positioned her in a seductive position, thus directing the entire photograph, to his vision. This photograph and the initiation of capture are different, Cammareri has possibly chanced upon this image and seized this shot, unawares.

This photograph is not about sex but it is a question of identity at least in the broadest terms of identity.  Advertising brands in 2019 are presenting realistic depictions of women. Since ‘#metoo’ imagery in advertising has harboured a paramount role. Imagery works on an unconscious level, reinforcing our conceptions around identity. Seven years ago, Getty Images launched a collection of images in partnership with, the women’s empowerment platform set up by Sheryl Sandberg. This collection devotes itself to the powerful depiction of women in contemporary work and life. It demands that modern women need to be portrayed realistically and these images need to be easily accessible and available to be used.  Perception is slowly changing.

I am not surmising that Cammareri is envisaging an advertising campaign here but what I am taking into account is that this image offers a nuanced view of women’s lives today. Pointedly, the woman in this photograph, is an actress, or perhaps an opera singer, maybe a professional dancer and she has returned to her dressing room to change for the next scene. This photograph is not erotic in the same sense of a Bob Carlos Clarke photograph, it is though, an image depicting a modern young woman today and as are all we are aware, imagery is the driving force that is shaping the world as we know it. It is crucially important to view evolving portrayals of life’s choices and to celebrate diversity, both from the model’s perspective, as well as the photographer taking the image.

Valeria Cammareri is a female photographer and her image has escalated the challenge of ‘Identity’ that we assigned. Judith Kegan Gardiner writes in ‘The University of Chicago Press Journals’, “The word ‘identity’ is paradoxical in itself, meaning both sameness and distinctiveness, and its contradictions proliferate when it is applied to women”. In the book ‘Reinventing Womanhood’, the author Carolyn Heilbrun illustrates the confusion, “successful women are ‘male-identified’ but that it is a ‘failure’ for a ‘woman to take her identity from her man” she says. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar’s book, that happens to be one that I treasure and is always to hand, entitled ‘The Madwoman in the Attic’ find ‘the woman’s quest for self-definition’ the underlying plot of nineteenth century writing by women”.

We have a paradoxical fascination with identity, in terms of photography, we’re still confused as to whether we’re supposed to open or close our eyes to its prurient explorations of voyeurism, which in many ways, serve to distract rather than focus our attention. We have a strong desire to connect with strangers, to see them to record our vision, however thoughtfully we do this, the underlying subtext will always remain controversial. 


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Mobile Photographer & Mobile Artist Portfolio Profiles


We are building the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of mobile photographers and mobile artists in the world. Of course, that’s only apt as we are the most popular mobile photography and art website in the world. Take a look at the link below, you will see a description of the artist, some sample images and if they have taken part in an interview or other projects for us, we have linked to those.

We will continue to build this and we need your help. If you would like to be included in this comprehensive director, viewed by millions of organisations throughout the world, then please submit a selection of twelve images, either an artist’s statement or description of your work and social media links. Send this information via WeTransfer or Dropbox to

We look forward to adding you!

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On My Radar- Eight Apps for a Desert Island with WiFi by M. Cecilia São Thiago


I am a woman who loves cautiously but willingly, when my soul is touched. M. Cecilia São Thiago is an artist who not only touches my soul, she holds it. The radiance of her passionate being shines through in her art. In this interview, like so many, that I ask of her, she takes my request and then metaphorically seduces it with her own narrative, the sign of an excellent and inspiring artist. São Thiago’s art is a testament to the collective consciousness of a life well lived, creating portraiture as an atmospheric landscape, one that abolishes the distance between all who view it. Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard wrote “It is quite true what philosophy says, that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other principle, that it must be lived forward”. Here’s the thing, with São Thiago, we know there’s an adult in the room, one that composites memories, fantasies, introspection and awareness into a unique enchantment of the age in which we lived and live. (foreword by Joanne Carter).

We have another brand new section here at TheAppWhisperer called ‘On My Radar’ and this time we are asking a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists, which apps they would take with them on a unique desert island, that has wifi! We want to know exactly what apps are really on their radar and why. As well as eight apps, we have also allowed each artist to select a book and a luxury object on this luxury journey. Kicking us off with our seventh issue of this section, is non other than the highly talented M. Cecilia São Thiago from Brazil.

To read the others in this series, please go here.

Starting from the principle that the Island has WIFI, I give myself the right to think that I am not in danger and I do not have to worry about taking my Swiss Army Knives or survival books in the tropical forest or the desert I have here… So I place myself in the perspective of who is going to be well treated and what will be demanded of me will be my testimony as a usufruct of the island, as a photographer ‘Flaneuse’ and maybe as a thinker and idealiser of the project itself, where I am above all to be confronted with the company of myself.

Above all I want to be confrontational with my own company, and how could it not be, I start again talking about the self-portrait and the representation he has in photography and the arts.

I love doing Face destruction with lots of apps for iPad, and only one self-portrait can be used for that because I do not think anyone else would like to see his face destroyed as I do with mine… ;P  !!”

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Mobile Photography & Art – Portrait of an Artist – Seeing Through The Eyes Of Deborah McMillion


We are delighted to bring to you the sixth of this years series of interviews and the eighteenth of this fascinating series, within our Portrait of an Artist column entitled “Seeing through the eyes”. This is a section that has been created by our wonderful Portrait of an Artist Editor, Ile Mont. Mont has been inspired by the life and works of Carolyn Hall Young, as so many of us have. Young was the main contributor to our Portrait of an Artist Flickr pool and filled it with portraits of so many wonderful people, not only of herself. It is for this reason that Mont wanted to create this section, to enable us to view the artists style through their own eyes. At the end of each interview, Mont will keep Young’s tradition alive, with a portrait of herself, seen through the eyes of the artist. In this case, you will see that at the end of this interview there are portraits of Mont, seen through the eyes of Deborah McMillion, what a gift!

Please continue to post your mobile portraiture to our dedicated Flickr group or use this hashtag on Instagram #tawportraitofanartist, this way, Mont will search through these artists first to interview. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

All images in this interview ©Deborah McMillion, with the final image a collaboration ©Ile Mont/Deborah McMillion

(To view our other published interviews in this series, please go here).

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Mobile Photography – Huawei P30 Pro Review


Huawei’s new Android smartphone is aimed at photography buffs and features a new tri-camera array, or quad-camera, if you include the separate ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that’s used to measure the subject/object distance for AF and the faux-bokeh effects.

We were able to get a P30 Pro in for a closer look.

The Huawei P30 Pro continues its association with the German high-end photo brand Leica, and it’s not just a licensing deal. It is according to Leica a synergistic effort, it’s been designed from scratch; it is not the same triple-camera array as found on the P20 Pro.

Before delving into the camera spec’s, impressive as they are, it’s worth mentioning a little bit about the device itself.

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Mobile Photography/Art Pic of the Day (1,011) via Instagram


Here’s day one thousand and eleven of our mobile photography/art Pic of the Day section via Instagram. Each day we select one image a day for our Pic of the Day section on Instagram, with this hashtag #theappwhisperer.

To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag #theappwhisperer.

Today, we congratulate @jan_verboom – Jan Verboom with this image, untitled.

To view more of his work, please go here

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Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 7 April 20019


After scoring a hat trick, I am back! As some of you will have noticed, I was off last week. Not one to take life easy, I managed to cram it with, Mother’s Day, my 50th birthday and a serious lung infection. An accomplishment even by my own standards. The lung infection leading the way, I spent my days and continue to do so, (desperately trying to avoid another hospital admission), dosing up with antibiotics, sleeping sitting upright (it can be done, I’ve learnt, once complete exhaustion sets in) and reading a wide variety of books. I got it down to two books every two days, a record for me. This is all in sharp contrast to the preceding two weeks where I, at least felt like, flew around Amsterdam and swanned around Paris, with a scrum of journalists in close contact throughout, trying, initially politely, to avoid some persistent esoteric amorous advances. No doubt, the grounds I picked up the lung infection but that’s a little unjust; I feel quite hip these days, sharing a serious autoimmune disease with a raft of celebrities. ‘Lady AppWhisperer‘, has a bit of a ring to it, don’t you think? The main treatment for serious autoimmune diseases (for the uninitiated) are strong immunosuppressant drugs. These are delivered to my home address every two weeks, straight from a refrigerated van, handed to me in person and placed immediately into my own fridge (middle shelf, with nothing touching the contents, ‘not too close to the back, front or sides‘, my nurse voiced, as she inspected my placement). Then every two weeks, I inject myself, the fun part is I get to select the location, will it be my left or right thigh this week? Or perhaps and I’m still striving to gain confidence, will it by my abdomen, just along from my tummy button, hmm – the mental battle continues for that one. The result is that in order to reduce the immune system attacking itself, my immune system is reduced to next to nothing, therefore, any bugs floating around, once caught, take quite a bit of shifting and this lung infection is still lingering and I foresee, will continue in a similar vein for the next week or so. It’s proving to be the hardest secondary illness I’ve had, since original diagnosis to eliminate…

Speaking of books, one was bought for me this week by my eldest son, Jake, ‘Do No Harm’ by Henry Marsh. It’s a book by a neurosurgeon (Henry Marsh) of forty years and once picked up, hard to put down. Perfect when you’re confined to bed. Reading the accounts and surgeries of his poor patients, certainly helped to keep my own predicament in perspective. One quote from this book stays with me “Anxiety might be contagious, but confidence is also contagious” and of course, that’s what we strive so hard, to build here at TheAppWhisperer for the community of talented mobile photographers and artists that share their work with us. This weeks mobile photography & Art Showcase is a bumper one (I missed last week, see above), as it plays out, you’ll view, what is sure to be called, a ‘superbly original and exquisite spellbinding twenty first love story’, asserted by many of the major mobile photographers and artists operating in our world today. It’s pure poetry, mysterious and yet glittering, enjoy!

Music this week – ‘You’re Still With Me (alternative ending) ©Ali Handal

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #mobilephotographyandimagery.

Rita Colantonio, Deborah McMillion, Kristie Benoit, aka Tman, Jon Arne Foss, Paul Toussaint, Lorenka Campos, Isabel Afonso, borisbschulz2009, Paul Yan, Tomaso Belloni, Candice Railton, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Susan Detroy, Kat McClelland, Jun Yamaguchi, zeeyan, Eduardo Llerandi, Ian Clarke, zeeyan, Eduardo Llerandi, Ian Clarke, Linda Hollier, Clint Cline, Catherine Caddigan, Laila, Oola Cristina, Gianluca Ricoveri, Vako Darispanashvili, Kate Zari Roberts, Judy Wahlberg, Susan Blase, Michael Beresin, Hanni K, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker, Montse Abad, Karen Axelrad, Yasuo Furue, Basak Aytek, Poetic Medium, Catherine Caddigan, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, Susan Rennie, Tuba Korhan, Fleur Schim, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Paula Broom.

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Brand New Podcast with Mobile Photographer/Artist Meri Walker and Heather Companiott, Director of Adult Arts Centre and The Native American Program & Festival, Idyllwild, California, United States


While I am in recovery from a really nasty illness, I’d love it if you listen to this wonderful podcast that we recorded a few weeks ago…

We are exceptionally excited today to publish our latest podcast, throughout our vast social media channels, here of course, as well as our dedicated Apple podcast channel. This time we speak with Multi Award Winner, Mobile Photographer and Artist, Meri Walker, from Oregon, United States and Heather Companiott, Director of Adult Arts Centre and The Native American Program & Festival, at IdyllWild Arts, California, United States.

Meri Walker is teaching a five day course at IdyllWild Arts Centre this summer, between 24-28 June, 2019. The course is entitled ‘iPhoneography, it’s not just luck‘. We were intrigued to find out more about this course and the IdyllWild Arts Centre itself. In this podcast Heather shares the beauty of IdyllWild Arts Centre, including its history and Meri shares insights into her bespoke course. We know our audience are going to love this.

To listen to this podcast on our very own Apple Podcast channel, please go here.

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Mini Mobile Portfolio Reviews (MMPR) – Relaunch!


We are incredibly excited today to relaunch our popular Mini Mobile Portfolio Reviews (MMPR), with a difference! As our regular readers will be aware, TheAppWhisperer is a pioneering mobile photography and art website with vast social media channels. We are committed and most of all deeply passionate about mobile photography and mobile art and we have been a leading progressive force in this area for ten years. We are committed to elevating  this incredible art form and our progress has been exceptional with additional prestigious titles including BBC, Vogue, DPreview and LensCulture now publishing our unique content based on mobile photography/ers.

It is with huge pleasure today, that we announce the relaunch of this phenomenal section. One that we believe will directly help the mobile photographer and/or mobile artist gain more clarity and authentication of their work.  Today, we are launching Mini Mobile Portfolio Reviews (MMPR).

This section will be edited entirely by myself, a professional photographer and photographic journalist of many decades. With a wide range of published work throughout the world.  

Each MMPR is entirely original and offers potentially one of the greatest investments you will make in developing your work. Our aim, is not only to offer feedback to enable you to progress but also to help you seek further opportunities with your work. We will do this by creating a bespoke portfolio review. This will be a personal review, unless you would like it broadly published and we will be happy to do so.

We will need to make an administrative charge for this service because I am sure you will appreciate, each review will take considerable time and foresight but we are determined to keep the costs to a minimum. If you would like to take up this opportunity, please follow the directions below, of what is needed and please also select the £100 donation selection at the bottom of this form. We will then add your details to our system and you will receive your written portfolio review in due course.


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Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 24 March 2019


As a journalist of many decades, I’ve always been attuned to what is communicated to me and mostly I commit it to memory. I store up conversations and it is a treat for me to unwrap them at will. I may be in the bath, and recall a glorious conversation that made me laugh many moons ago and will laugh out loud, much to the amusement of my family. I may wake in the night and remember somber stories I have been told or witnessed and thus shed tears. But now there’s a new phenomenon too, to gather stories. Since the implementation of the mobile phone, people appear to have loud one-sided conversations wherever they may be. It’s good timing for me, because I have severe hearing loss and have only had digital aids for a few years. Since having these aids fitted, a whole world has opened up, or so it seems. It took me a while to progress to wearing digital hearing aids all day, when you have has spent most of your life without aids, suddenly hearing everything, can be really challenging, as with any radical lifestyle change. I remember sitting in a Drs waiting room one day and I could hear the other patients talking to each other. When my GP called me in to her room, I asked her if it was ‘normal’ to be able to hear other patients talking in the waiting room and she said, ‘yes, that’s normal’. And so, when on the bus the other day, I should not have been surprised to overhear a conversation that a woman was having with a friend. It appeared (to me) that she really didn’t care who overheard when she confided that her boyfriend had left her, for another friend (since renamed to ‘that slag’) and she was trying to sell a necklace on eBay that he had given her. The problem was, eBayer’s didn’t appear to believe the necklace was genuine and she was determined ‘not to give it away’. She said ‘I don’t wanna wear it anymore, I don’t want to think of him around my neck, touching my body’. One person who was interested on eBay wanted to see a copy of the receipt for evidence it was a valuable item. She didn’t have it because the necklace had been a gift from her boyfriend and she wasn’t going to ask him for it ‘now that he’s with that slag’ and so it went on. I have no idea whether she ever did manage to sell the necklace, for what she wanted but I was almost quite ready to vouch its genuineness after I got off at my stop. Of course, one of the advantages of wearing hearing aids, is you can take them out at will and remain in complete silence and go back to peace and beautiful memories.

Next week, I’m going to be in the gorgeous city of Paris for most of the week at a press event. I’ll report back,  wishing you all a beautiful week too.

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #mobilephotographyandimagery.

Tricia Dewey, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker, Sheriannnne, deanwgd608, Kat McClelland, jilllian2 – Jill Lian, Jun Yamaguchi, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Bobby Chin, Rita Colantonio, Klaudia Cechini, Isabel Afonso, Candice Railton, Peter Wilkin, Lorenka Campos, Hanni K, Gina Costa, Sara Augenbraun, borisbschulz2009, Deborah McMillion, Clint Cline, Gianluca Ricoveri, p.a. hamel, Kate Zari Roberts, Susan Rennie, Manfred Majer, Barbara Braman, Catherine Caddigan, Fleur Schim.

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Mobile Photography & Art – Tickle Your Fancy #62


Welcome back to our sixty second post in our Tickle Your Fancy section. ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ includes a round-up of between seven to eight links to articles from around TheAppWhisperer over the past few week, that you may by chance have missed. Please note, I’ve been a little unwell this week, so have not published as much as I wanted to.

Just to explain the title for this section Tickle Your Fancy is an English idiom and essentially means that something appeals to you and perhaps stimulates your imagination in an enthusiastic way, we felt it would make a great title for this new section of the site.

Artists cited include Amy Ecenbarger, Rita Colantonio, Valeria Cammareri, Deborah McMillion, Jenny Pieters, Feliz Ak, Kerry Mitchell, Fleur Schim, Diane Neubauer, Peter Wilkin, Lorenka Campos, Paul Yan, Paul Toussaint, Isabel Afonso, Catherine Caddigan, Ile Mont, p.a hamel, David DeNagel, Barbara Nebel, Karen Axelrad, Vadim Demjianov, Rob Pearson-Wright, Deborah McMillion, Linda Hollier, Rita C, Allyson, Tomaso Belloni, Yasuo Furue, 1968selin, Jun Yamaguchi, Clint Cline, Kat McClelland, Candice Railton, Gina Costa, Fleur Schim, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Gianluca Ricoveri, Kate Zari Roberts, Hanni K, Kate Zari Roberts, Barbara Braman.

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On My Radar- Eight Apps for a Desert Island with WiFi by Amy Ecenbarger from the United States


We have another brand new section here at TheAppWhisperer called ‘On My Radar’ and this time we are asking a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists, which apps they would take with them on a unique desert island, that has wifi! We want to know exactly what apps are really on their radar and why. As well as eight apps, we have also allowed each artist to select a book and a luxury object on this luxury journey. Kicking us off with our sixth issue of this section, is non other than the highly talented Amy Ecenbarger from the United States.

To read the others in this series, please go here.

“Here in Indiana, I feel like it’s been winter for way too long, so the prospect of spending some time on a desert island is quite attractive! Thanks so much to Joanne for inviting me to take this journey”.

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