Hands On Video With the 64 GB iPhone 4 – It’s True


Yes, it is real folks. The 64 GB iPhone 4 really does exist as this video proves. Saying that, even though it does appear to exist it does not mean it is a full production model but in our opinion more likely to be an engineered prototype. Take a look at the hands on video created by MICGadget. On the back you will see ‘XXGB’, similar to the back of the ‘bought’ Gizmodo iPhone 4 – remember that? What is more interesting though is the apparent confirmation on the inside. When going into the Settings – General menu, it clearly displays the storage capacity, and it is indeed a 64GB model, running iOS 4.1. And it is not SIM-locked.

Check out the video here and let us know your thoughts…What we really want to see is this capacity in the iPhone 5 or greater of course, 128 GB would be awesome.


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