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Measure Map is a universal application for iPhone and iPad to measure distances and areas on Google Maps with professional precision distances ranging from as small as one meter to long distances of thousands of kilometers. The newly updated version now includes a “magic” button that allows all conceivable operations in a simple and intuitive form, and also to undo and redo as many times as necessary.

Impressive Features


    •    Attractive, smooth, easy navigation and use
    •    For IPhone and iPad
    •    Displays Google Maps view: Map, Satellite and hybrid
    •    Working mode landscape or portrait
    •    Operations: Add, delete, insert points between two pins, moving points with precision or obtain information.
    •    Ability to undo changes or redo them as many times as needed.
    •    Search for: current location by text (towns, places of interest) or the area or route on which you are working.
    •    Measurement System: Metric and imperial
    •    Ability to show intermediate distances between markers
    •    Ability to select color and thickness of the perimeter line
    •    Ability to select the color and transparency of selected area
    •    Work formats: Measure Map, KML (Googl. Earth), CSV (Excel), Image (PNG) and PDF
    •    Export image to photo album
    •    Export and import of surfaces and routes via e-mail
    •    Export and import of surfaces and routes via iTunes
    •    Download measurements over the Internet using mmp://address.com/file.mmp

Pricing And Availability


Measure Map is currently on sale at $0.99 to celebrate this new update – hurry though, the price will be going up again shortly.

Download here

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