SuperPower – World At War – Game App Review


A ‘traditional’ fighting war game that will keep you gripped.



Category: Entertainment
Updated: October 07, 2012
Size: 27.8 MB
Developer: IPANDA LAB
Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later

Price: Free
Our Ratings: 4/5
Graphics/Sound: 3/5
User Interface: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Re-use/play value: 4.5
Overall Rating: 4/5

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What Is It?



If you want to play a traditional/typical war game on your iOS device then this might just be the game for you. It’s all about building your army/super power, that might be majoring in air, sea or ground. A lot will depend on which nation you select in the beginning as they are all specialists in specific areas.

Is It Easy To Use?


At first it looks quite complicated, well it is a complex game but once you find your way around you will discover that it’s all pretty much straight forward to understand.

Is It Fun?



Most definitely, if you’re desperate for something more ‘serious’ than Farmville for example and you love war games then this is your baby. You get to do it all in this game, you start by choosing your nation, UK, US, Germany etc, then increase your soldiers, build military defenses, attack, defend and conquer – effectively becoming a super power.

This is a very strategic game and you have to be pretty analytical to play it. It’s not just a case of blowing things up, there’s a lot of planning involved. This pays off as the more experience you gain the further you will advance into the game and the more exciting it will become.

Should You Download It?


Absolutely, if you enjoy these style games, then yes without question download it. It’s free and will allow you to while away many hours in bliss.

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