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Welcome to our latest Mobile Movies Challenge. The theme of this challenge is Travel. Movement fascinates us. Creating movies with our iPhone is simple: it is always with us and with few resources we can make a good movie. This Challenge invites you to observe the vehicles around us and produce short movies with cars, metro, bus, bicycle, train, boat or any means of transport. We can observe different situations and different scenes with travelers on a train or a car or a bus. This Challenge offers a starting point for study and research. Any means of expression is welcome: Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Reverse, Replay. The video can be surreal and fantastic or real or even a documentary. Space for freedom of expression.

Please take a look at the example movie below.

Dates for submission are from 15th November 2016 – 15th December 2016

All submissions must be posted to our Mobile Movies Group with this hashtag #Yes, Travel” – so we can identify your movies more easily – please follow this link

©Giulia Baita

©Giulia Baita

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