iPad Tutorial Of The Day – 06/07/10 – Importing Photos Using The Camera Connection Kit


I am writing a great new book all about the iPad and it is so exciting but I also wanted to share some excerpts with you along the way. Take a look at this one for example, you’ve got your ‘magical device’, your iPad and you’ve taken some great photos with your camera, now you want to share your images on your iPad. This tutorial will tell you exactly how to do that.

iPad Camera Connection Kit


Firstly, you need to use the Camera Connection kit – you can buy this directly from Apple for $29 in the US or £25 in the UK. The Camera Connection Kit consists of two adapters. The one on the left in the above photograph is the USB adapter, the one on the right is the SD Card adapter. Both plug into the dock connector port on the bottom of your iPad. In this exercise I used the SD Card adapter. The USB adapter would be useful if you had a camera that stored images in a different format, for example Compact Flash, by using this adapter you will still be able to transfer the images over to your iPad.



With the SD adapter inserted into my iPad and an SD card inserted into that, the above images were immediately apparent on the iPad. You can scroll through the complete card from this step and select the images you want to import.



In the above image you will see that I have selected three photos to import, you will see a blue tick next to them.

Selected Or All?


The iPad then gives you the choice of importing all of the images or only the selected ones.

Import Complete


Once the iPad has imported the images it will give you the option of deleting the images from your SD card, you can choose to Keep or Delete them.



When you click into iPhoto you will see the imported images under ‘last import’.

Single Image


It is then possible to examine the photo in greater detail or perhaps start a slide show.

Not Full Resolution


What I did notice was that the images do not come through at full resolution, each of these images were around 5 MB originally but after importing them to the iPad and opening them within iPhoto they were around 1.1 MB. This information tell us that the images are being optimized for the iPad screen and are really for display purposes.

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  1. How do I delete large groups of photos that were directly imported from my camera. I do not want to have to scroll through them one at a time. Where do I find a “delete all” command to touch? Dick

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