iPad Tutorial Of The Day – 06/08/10 – How To Adjust The Brightness Of Your iPad


I am writing a great new book all about the iPad and it is so exciting but I also wanted to share some excerpts with you along the way. Your iPad has Auto-Brightness Control On by default there may be times when you do not want to use the built-in light sensor and want to adjust the brightness of the screen manually to your preferred setting. This is very simple to do, just follow the tutorial below to do so…

Home Screen


From the Home Screen, select the Settings icon.



Then select the Brightness & Wallpaper tab, located on the left hand side near to the top of the page.

Brightness & Wallpaper


Switch the Auto-Brightness to Off.



Then move the slider control to your preferred setting. Personally I like to have the brightness on the low side, this preserves the battery life longer, which is an essential part of my workflow. To switch back to Auto-Brightness just slide the icon to On.

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