iPad Tutorial Of The Day – Making Your iPad Talk


I am writing a great new eBook about how to get the most out of your iPad, it’s such an exciting book but I also wanted to share some excerpts with you along the way. Did you know that you can get your iPad to speak to you? It’s really simple to do and a very cool feature. The feature is called VoiceOver and if you read the tutorial below you will be able to get your iPad to speak anything on the screen to you, such as emails, text documents or even a complete iBook page.

Go To Settings


First, you need to go into the Settings menu on your iPad.



Select General in the left hand column.



Select Accessibility near the bottom of the right column.



Select VoiceOver and switch it to On. You will see a warning message on the screen that says that you are changing the gestures used to control the iPad and it asks you to confirm if this is what you want to do. Just select OK to confirm this change. It is very easy to take VoiceOver off again and therefore changing the gestures back to their original default if you want to do this later on.



When typing with VoiceOver on by default it will speak every character you type. This can be changed within the Settings menu to just allow Words, Words With Characters, or Nothing.



Within iBooks to have a complete page read to you, you need to touch the bottom and the top of the block of text on the screen at the same time.

Single Line


If you tap in the text with one finger, only a single line is read to you and this can be seen with a black lined border around it. If you tap anywhere within the Notes app, the complete note will be read allowed to you.

BBC News


Whatever app you happen to be in, your iPad will now speak the text to you, as seen above.

VoiceOver Off


To change your iPad back to the original settings, just switch the VoiceOver to Off.

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