iPhone App Review Of Studiometry Touch

You may of used or are using Studiometry with your Mac pr PC to manage projects within your business; Studiometry Touch is the mobile companion to this software, enabling you to take all your client information with you ensuring you are kept mobile and up to date. We wanted to find out more about this incredible software – read the full review here.

Free To Download


Studiometry Touch is available in the Apple App Store Business category, it is a free download but you will need to pay $39.95 per year/per device to sync with Studiometry on your Mac or PC as without this Studiometry Touch has limited functionality.



Studiometry Touch is a great program providing you are using the Studiometry on your Mac or PC and indeed that is the point of it. In order to explain more about Studiometry Touch, I need to tell you about Studiometry for your Mac or PC. It is a professional business tool for planning and tracking your projects. Project pipelines, GANTT charts, and to To-Do lists all work together to give you an accurate overview of the progress of your projects. You can track hours with timers, timesheets, and manual entry, it’s easy to track billable work for your Projects. Studiometry remembers your default rates for each client or project and calculates the total due accordingly. When you stop a timer, the hours worked can easily be added to your invoices just like all other work, this is an extremely useful feature for freelancers in particular. Also, most importantly you can track expenses and bill for project-related expenses. Powerful markup features, customizable categories, inventories, and more give you the tools to calculate the actual cost of your projects. Studiometry can also track recurring expenses for projects, such as monthly fees billed to your clients. Studiometry also makes it easy to invoice your clients, what it does is grab all billable work for your client and automatically calculate the totals and taxes for your invoices. There are also numerous invoice templates to choose from. Records of your incoming payments as well as client retainers and balances are also saved and invoices can be automatically paid from a combination of available retainer funds and payments.

So, that in essence is what Studiometry is all about – now Oranged Software have created a mobile version, Studiometry Touch to enable you to keep track and take with you all your business information, and it does it well, very well in fact.



Studiometry Touch enables you to enter new contacts and potential clients as soon as you receive their business card. This information combined with all your categories, ID numbers, and notes — will then immediately be synced back to Studiometry on your desktop for later use. This is an important and key feature and demonstrates the usefulness of Studiometry Touch on your mobile device. Another great feature is that Studiometry Touch keeps a database of business contacts on your phone, separate from your personal contacts.

Projects On The Go


Studiometry Touch tracks your time and expenses. It can create running timers with customized rates, or you can enter items manually using the complete set of Studiometry functions, including markup and quantity information. Obviously a key feature for a mobile version of this program would be to be able to access project information wherever you are, fortunately Studiometry Touch has this function and lets you access all of your project information directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Easily view and edit project statuses, categories, specs, notes, and more. You can even create new projects while you’re out and sync them back to Studiometry on your Mac or PC.

Project Planning Management


You can even view and update your Project stages on your phone. Just as in Studiometry, you can manually advance stages, or let Studiometry do the work by automatically advancing stages based on completed To Dos and GANTT items.



Studiometry Touch lets you create and send invoices directly from your phone. Simply make a selection from your list of uninvoiced items, and you’re on your way. When connected to your server, Studiometry Touch can access Studiometry’s completely customizable invoice templates, giving you total control over output. What would be an added great feature here would be for the client to actually be able to pay this invoice directly online, a similar feature to one that Freshbooks offers perhaps, and that way you would literally be able to receive paid invoices on the go.



If you are running Studiometry on your Mac or PC then it is an absolute no brainer to go for Studiometry Touch, even with the $39.95 annual license fee it is well worth it. The app is free to download and the facility to sync and the added convenience of having all your client information with you is an incredible and brilliant feat and represents exactly what the app store is really all about.

If you are not currently running Studiometry on your Mac or PC then I strongly advise you take a further look at this software and see if this is a product that your business could do with, I am sure you will find that it is. Although expensive to buy, Studiometry with the Touch Bundle is currently $224.95, I think you will find it very worthwhile.

Currently Oranged software have a 30 day free trial for you to test the software and see if it’s right for you. I suggest you download the trial and install the app version on your portable device and see how you get on. Their technical support is excellent and they even have a forum for you to raise any questions or give any feedback you might have.

I give this app a score of 4.5/5 – it is really that good.

To download Studiometry Touch – click here
To download the 30 day trial version of Studiometry – click here
To visit the Oranged Software Forum – click here

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