Professional Retouching Secrets by Karl Taylor – Is This The Most Expensive iPhone Photography App?


Well, at $129.95 it’s certainly on the short list. This app has been designed to teach you some of the best kept industry retouching secrets used in professional advertising images to give your photographs that highly polished look. Apparently, you will learn the essential tools and techniques step by step for light shaping, skin smoothing, shading and much, much more.

So sounds good, this is just a prelimary preview and as soon as I can, I will review this app thoroughly to let you know if it’s worth the ambitious initial investment.


This application is aimed at photographers who want to improve the impact and dynamism of their portrait, fashion, beauty or product images. To get the best out of this training course you should have an understanding of the most common tools and rudimentary functions of Adobe Photoshop.

Pro Masterclass Series Subjects


– Perfect Skin Techniques
– Retaining Skin Texture
– Light Shaping and Enhancement
– Retouching Fine Detail
– Contrast and Sharpening
– Image Impact
– Burn and Dodge Layers
– Healing and Cloning
– Airbrush
– Liquefy and Warp

Application Features


– 5 hours of stunning on the go video. No WIFI required after initial install for playback anywhere
– Subject Search
– Photo Note Pad

To try this app for yourself, download here

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