The Kid That Made $1,000,000 inspired by Steve Jobs


In two years this British kid from Corby, Christian Owens, aged 16 made $1,000,000. He taught himself web design with a Mac he was given at aged 9 and at aged 14 started his own company – Mac Bundle Box.


Christian sold a selection of Mac OS X apps for a discounted price for a limited time. Somehow he would group together a set of apps worth around $400 and sell them for a tenth of that. When enough folks had bought the bundle a new bundle would be unlocked for all buyers, of course, generating and guaranteeing in many ways word-of-mouth promotion. As well as that he donated a percentage to charity – what a great kid.



Not one to sit back, Christian then started another business, Branchr – a pay-per-click advertising company that distributes ads per month on over 17,500 websites, iPhone and Android applications. He now employs eight adults, including his mom and has made $800,000 in the first year. Apparently, he has already bought another company – when asked how he managed all this, he said, ‘there’s no magical forumla to business, it takes hard work, determination and the drive to do something great’.

Well he sure has managed that – brilliant work Christian.

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