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Since the official launchof the Amazon Developer Portal, Amazon have received tons of positive feedback regarding the developer registration and app submission process. 

There are questions still being asked by developers, hopefully, you will find the answers here…

Are you required to submit a video along with other multimedia content, such as icons and screenshots?


Although compelling videos can be helpful to customers when they are deciding on which app to buy, they are not required. 
The only multimedia files that are required are:
    •    Device icon (114x114px)
    •    Large icon (512x512px)
    •    A minimum of three screenshots (480x854px or 854x480px each)
The maximum size for each image is 3Mb.

What is the maximum video size that you can upload for an app? 


The maximum size for a video is 30Mb.  There is a 3Mb limit for video files submitted through the Developer Portal’s web console.  If you want to submit a video that is greater than 3Mb (but under 30Mb), please use your FTP account. 

What video formats do Amazon support?  The FAQ says MP4 H.264- so does this mean Amazon don’t accept any other format?


Amazon require your videos to be stored in an MP4 H.264 encoded format.  This is to ensure an optimal visual and performance experience for your customers.  Remember that these videos will not only be viewed on Amazon’s retail website, but also on mobile devices. 

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