Whisperings… How Do I Remove A Photo From The Timeline In iMovie iOS?


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Find out below how to remove a photo from the Timeline within iMovie iOS…



We’ve had many readers ask how do they remove a photo from the Timeline within iMovie iOS, it’s simple enough to do, if you know how of course. Firstly, you need to deselect the image. This means click after the image within the timeline, as above.

Click And Drag


Next, place your finger on the image you want to remove and hold it there for approximately 1-2 seconds. Then drag the image up to the main image. From the screen grab above you can see the little dust cloud to the left of the image I have dragged it up. Then just release it and the image will be removed from the Timeline.

Image Removed


As can be seen in the above image, the previous image has been removed from the Timeline.

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