Group Video Calling Between Android, iOS Devices and Symbian – It Can Be Done, Here’s How


Perhaps in an ideal world we would all have the same smartphone, it would certainly make a number of options easier to use but there are plenty of apps that work across devices to enable you to communicate as if you were on the same device and even in the same country.

There are a growing number of apps that allow video calling between platforms, mostly that’s iOS to Android but there is one app that goes a whole lot further. Find out which one that is below and why it is so good…

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One thing in particular that we love about Fring is that not only can you use it to video call between iOS and Android device but it also works well on selected Symbian smartphones, such as the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7.

There’s another thing that sets this app apart from the competition, it is the only app in its class that allows group video calls with up to 4 people.

And how could we forget, it also offer VoIP – that’s the facility to call any other phone number, ie the user does not have Fring, for less.



Fring has just been made available on the iPad and the the fring iPad Group Video chat experience is wrapped in a fun, intuitive, natural gesture- navigation where users drag & drop friends into Group Video chat, move their video chat stream & seamlessly augment video chat with parallel communication like tandem text chatting.

“fring is empowering tablet users to unleash the power of their 9.7 inch screens beyond movie watching and gaming to rich, fun personal video communication,” says Avi Shechter, CEO and Co-founder of fring. “With Group Video on the iPad, we are changing face to face video chat. Users will now be able to video socialize on big screen tablets enjoying seeing their friends wherever they are- as they commute, sunbathe at the beach or wait for coffee at a café.”

In addition to free Group Video chat, fring enables users to make free two-way video chat, voice calls and live chat with friends on Android, iPhone/iPod touch & Nokia Smartphones.

5 thoughts on “Group Video Calling Between Android, iOS Devices and Symbian – It Can Be Done, Here’s How”

  1. The video quality with Skype is good, there’s no question. Skype ‘only’ offers iOS to Android transmission at the moment not Symbian as well and they’re still working on their group chat, so in all Fring is probably the better one to use atm.

  2. Could Fring be used for making video calls between Android and Symbian smartphones?Thanks in advance!

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