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Use Viewfinder to quickly and easily compose your shot, choose your focal length, and a lot more before you ever reach for your equipment bag. It is the perfect companion for location scouting and for concept shoots. It makes so much easier to determine what equipment to bring to the actual shoot.

This app supports nearly every digital or film based camera on the market, including all major brands of 4/3, 35mm, medium and large format still cameras and backs, as well as lenses from most manufacturers; so you can be sure that you’ll find your equipment there. Generic formats like 35mm and 4×5 allows to use your cameras even it’s not listed by manufacturer.
Viewfinder is designed to be a highly customizable professional tool, so you can define your own sensor or film formats and lens focal lengths. Even the function buttons are customizable to reflect your needs and working style. You can save up to four different camera setups and switching between them is as easy as tapping a button.

This app has just been updated, you can check out the new features in What’s New below. This is a free update but if you haven’t previously purchased this app, you can do so here. It retails for $19.99/£13.99/download

What’s New



Volume shutter

Save the current view the same way you take a picture with the Volume Up button on your device! The headphone cable is also supported. iOS 5 or later is required for this feature.

Custom cameras

You can create custom cameras by specifying the effective image size and the lens mount to use.

Acquisition formats

Several cameras support recording from differently sized and shaped areas of the whole sensor. Previously these were represented as distinct cameras on the camera list. Now they are grouped together resulting in a more clean camera list. This feature is also used to set anamorphic recording mode simulation for supported cinema cameras (which includes almost all the cameras that use the ARRI PL mount). Anamorphic support requires the Cine Pack.

Additional new features:
Bulletin Extra: you can subscribe to the Viewfinder Bulletin from the app.
Added cameras: Canon EOS-1D X; Fuji X-Pro1; Nikon D4.
Maximum custom focal length increased to 2000mm.
Improved handling of multiple simultaneous module purchases in the Module Store.
Added the entire lineup of Cambo technical cameras plus Fuji GX617, TX-1, TX-2; Hasselblad H2F, H3DII-50MS, H4D-50MS, H4D-200MS, H4X; Mamiya RZ80.
Added backs: Leaf Aptus-II 10R, 12R; Mamiya/Leaf Aptus-II 22, 28, 33, 40, 56, 80.

New features for Cine Pack owners:
Added cameras: Canon EOS C300, C300 PL; Ikonoskop A-Cam dII; Sony F65.

The map in the Album revealed part of the main screen after rotation on iOS 5.
Wide adapter requirements were incorrectly calculated for 1.5x anamorphic lenses.
Downloading the current day’s GPX log from iTunes while the app is running resulted in a truncated log file.

Fixes for ALPA eFinder and eFinder Tools:
Stuck “Waiting for stable magnetic heading” message when bubble mode is activated too fast.
Cutout cardboard simulation was not cleared correctly for extreme shift values.
Smoother animations for cutout cardboard simulation if shift simulation/parallax correction is active.

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