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iPhone Photography Tutorial – Creating Flower Art With Lisa Waddell

I love taking images of flowers and creating stunning art from them. In this tutorial I demonstrate how from taking quite an ordinary flower image how to transform it into a beautiful piece of art.

Take a look at the steps below and see if you can also create something like this. All the apps I’ve used are available with links at the end of this article.

Final Image


This is the final image, the one I am going to show you how to create.

Step 1



This is the original image, I took this with the default iPhone camera.

Step 2



Next, I ran it through the addLib app until I found a compostion that I liked. I knew I wanted to incorporate squares into that composition so, prior to using AddLib, I cropped the original image square using Iris Photo Suite.

Step 3



Next I ran the "AddLib’d" image through Moku Hanga randomly to give it some deeper color and texture.

Step 4



To make the flowers more the focal point, I next ran the image back through Iris Photo Suite to crop it square.

Step 5



Finally, I used the Overcooked HDR filter in Dynamic Light to make the colors and texture pop just a bit more and this is my stunningily creative image.

Links To All Apps Used In This Tutorial

Iris Photo Suite
Moku Hanga
Dynamic Light

I totally love iPhone photography and specialise in flower and plant images. I love to tell a story with the flowers; many times giving them human characteristics as in the photo of the sunflower entitled Remorseful, mentioned in the A Day In the Life Of interview. I also like to create abstracts. Lisa Waddell works as a Special Educational Needs Teacher in Houston, Texas. Lisa lives with her husband, father-in-law and Sam, the cutest Boston Terrier ever created! Lisa’s work is extraordinary, botanical in a sense and also so mysterious and creative in other ways too. And, it’s not just the way she creates the image, it’s in the titles too. Each title has been so carefully chosen to match the image. When you read the title you learn a little more about the image.