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The ArtsEye Gallery is based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. It is in a unique position, as it is not only a gallery but also their main business is Photographic Works. ArtsEye specialize in Fine Art reproduction and film processing/photo enlargements.

ArtsEye has a simple premise: a physical gallery space and an online presence that  is inviting and friendly – a collaboration between ArtsEye, the artist, and those who enjoy art. We want to create something different, a new experience. We work with emerging artists and those who are
established, exhibiting photography, works on paper, and canvas.

You can read more about this great gallery below…



Photographic Works has a full framing department in-house. All of the staff are photographers in their personal lives and they openly admit that they love photography and that’s why they choose to work with it every day.



Photographic Works is a full service photography and fine art lab offering film processing, printmaking, image captures, retouching and finishing services. Their Photoshop retail store carries a full line of black and white darkroom supplies, digital printing materials, archival storage systems, toy cameras, cool photo bags and neat tools for having fun with photography.

Their gallery, ArtsEye is an extension of their passion and commitment to their community,  showcasing Tucson artists year round whose creative vision speaks to the heart of why they do what they do.  Perhaps their most important attribute is their facility to have all the tools on site to create an entire exhibition from start to finish.

Curious Camera, their official photo play ground, hosts an annual international pinhole and plastic camera competition, has built the worlds largest Holga camera and features fun workshops on analog photography.

Submission Guidelines


ArtsEye produced this documentation for a showcase last year calling for artists. Their usual requirements for submission of images are:

1, Email up to ten images to from your phone or computer – no need to rename files.

2, All images must be created with a device that can make phone calls and take photos, ie mobile phone.

3, Images created with apps and/or edited in Photoshop ARE accepted.

Gallery Details



ArtsEye staff will contact the photographer directly by email if they deem their image acceptable for submission. Accepted submissions are then crafted and finished by Photographic Works at ‘value pricing’.

Images are presented as archival pigment ink prints on water color paper, matted with museum quality materials and with a choice of white or black wood framing.

Costs To The Artists



These are the estimated costs that a mobile photographer will be expected to pay for submission and inclusion of their images:


5×7 framed printed images = $20

8×10 & 12×14 framed printed images = $30

10×15 & 14×19 framed printed images = $45

Suggested Minimum Sales Prices


All prints are for sale at ArtsEye Gallery at the discretion of the artists. These are their suggested retail prices:

8×10= $45

12×14 = $75

14×19 = $125

Gallery Sales



ArtsEye divide gallery sales 50/50 between the Artist. For sold artwork, value pricing and finishing will be extended up to 30 days after the end of the exhibition.

Unsold artwork must be collected or will be delivered via FedEx at the artists’ expense.


To find out any further information you can contact ArtsEye here –

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