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We’re very pleased to announce that we are Media Partners for the very exciting LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 organised by (IPA). The LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 is scheduled for August 18-26, 2012 at the Santa Monica Arts Studios.

There are 4 ways to submit work and express your interest in the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012, depending on how involved you’d like to be.

There is still time, albeit not long for you to submit your portfolio for potential entry. There are also individual challenges and project specific submissions to be made.

Follow the link at the end of this article for more details on how to submit your images.



The first LA Mobile Arts Festival celebrates today’s contemporary art renegades: the mobile artists. Many exhibiting artists will be long-time members of the IPA gang. But each day at IPA they strive to seek out and reward new talent. So whether you’ve been with them from the start, or are just finding out about them now, we encourage you to submit your work for consideration.

They constantly review portfolios, generating a “watch list” of artists to track for future events and opportunities. Visit the LA-MAF Blog for more information in the days to come.



Santa Monica Art Studios has gained acclaim throughout greater Los Angeles as a major cultural mecca for contemporary art and design. The historic 22,000 sq. ft. airplane hangar was converted to a modern-day artists’ colony in 2003. Under its soaring roofline, artists of every persuasion come to share, create, and sell their works!

LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 will display’s own fusion of art and technology in Arena 12400 sq. ft. of prime exhibition space that shows off cutting-edge works from curators across the globe.  The event offers the potential for our digital artists to establish a broader mainstream identity. The interactive event will combine emerging mobile artists at the show, with IPA’s new online iPrints Store, and through it, access to the online arts community worldwide.

The iPrints Store


LA Mobile Art Festival 2012 will launch the new iPrints Store in style. Featured festival artists will be able to set up their personal IPA iPrints Store on site, selling exhibit images and works from their larger portfolios, not just to the Los Angeles crowd, but around the globe.

The iPrints Store is the beginning of an innovative and far-reaching sales platform for mobile artists. Unlike the many quick-print type of services currently available, the iPrints Store is all about the artists. It gives them full control over their work, tracks limited and signed editions, produces prints mounted on eco-friendly bamboo panels and offers unsurpassed, museum-quality printing. There is currently nothing like it for mobile artists. It is a platform created by artists, for artists and about artists.

Click here to find out more about submitting your images to The LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012

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