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As you know we’re partners with P1xels so were only too delighted to help them increase the profile of their indiegogo campaign. They have a wonderful new site planned, actually, a whole new user experience, with whatever device visitors use to visit the site, one that also will give their artists much more control over their submissions, as well as increased interaction with each other and the public. Not only that, a new site will free them up to pursue other pressing matters: cultural, institutional, and corporate to develop and promote their artists, their work, and the medium.

In order to create this new site they need to raise some cash and there are ways in this link, that will help you with that, if you so wish. Of course, not everyone is in a position to contribute financially to this project and there are other ways to help, such as spreading the word. I think P1xels will be pleased with whatever you can do.

Check out the video below.





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