Vintage The Guardian Smartphone Article, by Me


As many of our regular readers know, I have been a camera/photography technology journalist for many years. From my earliest days starting out at Which Camera? magazine through to now with my dream website,

I thought some of you might like to read one of my very first articles for The Guardian, from 2005, when ‘cameraphones’ were becoming very popular. This is four years before the advent of the iPhone and apps were not even thought of. Did any of you have these handsets? How times move on, take a look at this….




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5 thoughts on “Vintage The Guardian Smartphone Article, by Me”

  1. I still can recall when the phone’s battery pack was the size of a handbag one carried over the shoulder. Now we have a mini-computer in our back pocket. Maybe the next step we will wear glasses, where the rims are our computer and battery components and lenses our screen.

    • I remember them Egmont, I didn’t have one though, my first mobile was a Sony, it was about 5 cm thick and you had to pull the aerial out the top. Obviously it couldn’t take photos, and that’s why this article was such a ‘big deal’ at the time. I had been writing a cameras from analogue and the advent to digital for years in tons of other publications and then all of a sudden you could use mobile phones to take photos. No one took it seriously at all. It was not a question of what make you were using, or platform even it was just the fact that you could not be ‘serious’ about photography.

      We still battle with that problem now to a certain extent but for the future? Well I think you’re going to find most cameras being ‘controlled’ by apps, watch this space…;)

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