Nikon Coolpix S800 To Have Android Inside


According to Nikonrumors this morning, Nikon will soon announce a new Android based compact camera. The model name will be the Coolpix S800. Nikon is expected to make this announcement at Photokina later on this year.

We knew it was only a matter of time until this happened, afterall the compact camera market has suffered hugely with the popularity of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S II and III to name just a few.

It’s interesting, where does this leave us? Our phones have become our cameras and our cameras are becoming our phones. I think the vast majority of digital cameras will have Android inside before long. It’s a case of whether Apple develop their own or allow a camera manufacturer to include their iOS inside. Now that would be interesting. We know Apple have a soft spot for Leica but who knows, Panasonic…hmm interesting!

Apart from anything else it reinforces our thought pattern that photography is photography, not iPhoneography anymore than you should say NikAndroidography. We just love great pictures!




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