Process – Price Reduced From $9.99 – $0.99


Save yourselves $9 and pick up Process today. Process believes in your creativity. It doesn’t limit you to the same old tired looks that every other app has, and lets you learn from the skill of others. Process is both a serious tool for people who love their work, and a simple and quick way to make every photo reach its full potential.

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★ Unlike some apps, Process shows every adjustment in real time, live, so you can fine tune your image without ever waiting.

★ There is no “history”–undo a change at any time.

★ Changes you make are shown in a list, in the order that you applied them. From this list you can move around, delete, or disable adjustments.

★ This list can be saved as an effect/preset, to be added to other photos. What makes Process special is the ability to share these presets (we call them “processes”).

★ Process understands that every image is unique. So, you can preview your photo with any or all of the effects that you or others create–get the perfect look, tailored for a particular image.

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