Dan Marcolina Joins The App Whisperer As A New Columnist


We are really excited to announce that Dan Marcolina has joined The App Whisperer as a brand new Columnist. Dan is an incredible and inspirational iPhone photographer and author of the hugely successful iBook, ‘iPhone Obsessed‘ as well as his latest iPad book ‘AppAlchemy‘. Dan has also produced an excellent app entitled ‘iObsessed Companion‘.

Dan is an internationally recognized designer and photographer with over 25 years experience. He is very well known for his skills with image manipulation, this new mobile platform has challenged him to try things he would never have attempted in his traditional workflow. And now he has been liberated to add new techniques to his everyday design work. We previously interviewed Dan in May earlier this year for our Day In The Life series, if you missed that, you can read it here.

Dan’s new column on theappwhisperer.com will be entitled ‘iObsess’ and will include video reviews and tutorials of popular iOS photography apps.

We recently welcomed Richard Gray and Misho Baranovic as Columnists to theappwhisperer and we will have a few more announcements to make very soon. We are growing at a phenomenal rate and that’s because of the loyalty and dedication of our readers, thank you everyone.

Please join us in welcoming Dan to The App Whisperer family, welcome Dan.


Dan Marcolina



Dan’s Bio

Dan Marcolina is the owner of Phila-based Marcolina Design & MarcolinaSlate LLC . Known for his award-winning print, web, and video work, Dan’s images have appeared in juried shows and dozens of publications worldwide. His obsession with iPhone images has reinvigorated his love for both photography and visual experimentation.

22 thoughts on “Dan Marcolina Joins The App Whisperer As A New Columnist”

  1. Welcome, Dan! I purchased your book and apps a while back and found them very useful in learning techniques. It was also interesting to learn your though process behind different images you created. And the app reviews, they were great! I already had a lot of them, but one you I really like that you informed me about was CameraKit. It will be such a pleasure to have you hear on The App Whisperer.

  2. An fantastic addition to the AppWhisperer! Congrats all around!!! It was Dan’s book that took me down the twisted road of apps…and I’m looking forward to reading his columns!!

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