iPad Mini – Now Available To Purchase – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?


The Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi version is now available to purchase directly from an Apple Store near you but should you or shouldn’t you? Are you still undecided where this magical device fits into your photography workflow?

If so, we recommend you read the following three posts. We asked three key mobile photography app developers last week how they thought the iPad Mini would be of benefit to mobile photographers. This is what they said:

Mike Hardaker – 645 PRO

Tai Shimizu – Filterstorm

Jens Daemgen – ProCamera

Having read those Opinions, if you’re feeling more like taking the plunge now, check out what’s available below:

What’s Available?



At present you can only pick up a Wi-Fi version starting at $329/£269 for the 16GB version. The 32 GB version will set you back $429/£349 and the 64 GB, $529/£429. In the US and UK shipping dates are displaying as 2 weeks.

Click here to find out more and/or purchase

2 thoughts on “iPad Mini – Now Available To Purchase – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?”

  1. No iPad mini for me until Retina display added. I will go touch one in the store just to confirm my suspicion.

  2. Joanne,

    I played with one at the Best Buy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I am smitten. The fit and finish. Wow. Dozens of folks came in and disregarded everything else including its big brother. I want!, the retina display is not an issue with me. Just holding it in my hand and goofing with it. My next Apple purchase. It will be set up with minimal apps( my app addiction from you, the app whisperer is a bit overwhelming at this point) strictly image, video and audio acquisition device for me. My iPad 2 will be the work horse, beta testing machine.

    It will be big…

    Be well,



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