Star Rush Joins The App Whisperer As A New Columnist


We’re delighted to welcome Star Rush as one of our Columnists to Star Rush is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, and educator, whose medium is predominantly connected (mobile) photography. Her street and documentary photography has been exhibited in the United States, London, and Europe and published in magazines Actual Colors May Vary, Camerpixo, and featured on international sites and publications: Resource Magazine,, and Volksrant. Most recently, her series “Departs” was published in Askgar Magazine. In 2012, her photoblog was syndicated on Photoverse, a handheld application developed by Her poetry and essays have appeared Hawaii Review, Fireweed, and others. Star often writes about connected photography for popular mobile photography sites world-wide.

Star’s first solo show, “Backbeat” was exhibited at Edmonds Community College (2011) in Edmonds, Wash., and a collection of her street and documentary photographs were featured in “States,” hosted by IDEA Odyssey Collective in 2011 in Seattle. In 2012, Star founded and curates Lys Foto Magazine, a showcase of connected [mobile] photography and arts, and is a founding member of Mobile Photo Group, an international collective of mobile photographers. She is a contributor for dprConnect, writing about the community and culture of mobile photography. Star teaches composition and rhetoric, and literature at Cornish College of the Arts.

Star’s brand new Column with us will be titled ‘Shooting Star‘ and will offer inspiration and guidance in seeing as a photographer sees for those interested in in exploring creative ways to observe, record, and comment upon the small and large moments of one’s life and those people, things and places around them with a smartphone camera. Star intends to provide information, methods, exercises, and examples of ways photographers can grow and deepen our creative practice.

What does it mean to see attentively? What is a photographic or visual imagination? How do we know what will make a beautiful or memorable photograph? What do we photograph and why? How do observation and reflection help us take better, richer, more memorable photographs? How can we strengthen our abilities to giving/receiving constructive feedback on our work and the work of others? How do photographers make the mundane poetic or something conventionally seen as ugly so beautiful or captivating? Where do we find our inspirations? How can we work with the creative and technical elements of visual language to say what we want to say through light, texture, space, conflict/tensions, point of view, frame, color, and so forth.

We recently welcomed Richard Gray, Misho Baranovic, Dan Marcolina, Keith Tharp, David Hayes, Teri Lou Dantzler, Richard Koci Hernandez, Rudy Vogel, Kevin Kuster, Laura Peischl, Dilshad Corleone and Mel Harrison as Columnists to theappwhisperer and we will have a few more announcements to make very soon.

We are growing at a phenomenal rate and trying to include as much unique content from the mobile photography world as our readers can possibly digest, you really don’t need to go anywhere else!

Please join us by welcoming Star to theappwhisperer family, welcome Star.




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  1. Welcome Star! So happy to have the PNW represented here… especially since I am just across the water from you in Poulsbo! Looking forward to your column “Shooting Star!”

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