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Kuster – Constant Change Of Life – By Kevin Kuster

We’re delighted to publish Kevin Kuster’s latest article for his Kuster Column with us. This time Kevin discusses the constant changes of life in relation to mobile photography, of course. Don’t miss this, you’re all in for quite a treat. Over to you Kevin… (foreword by Joanne Carter).



‘The greek philosopher Heraclitus (c.535 BC – 475 BC) said “The only constant in life is CHANGE”.




©Robert Jahns


Although this man of great intelligence and wisdom spoke these profound words thousands of years ago, why have we as a society not embraced them? Specifically, why have we not embraced this idea of change within the photo community? Although I realize change is hard for everyone, why do we always resist the inevitability of change?



©Robert Jahns


Currently, mobile photography is completely rewriting photography, i.e., how it is created, who is creating it and I for one am very excited about it. Yes, I only embraced mobile photography less than a year ago; however, since doing so, I have never been more excited about photography and the idea of sharing my new passion with so many people around the world.



©Just Josh


There are some photographers who “only shoot DSLR” photos and who “hate” mobile photography and all that it represents. I was recently interviewed by an online photo magazine, and was totally surprised by the negative comments received in connection with my choosing to photograph a 40 couple wedding in the Philippines with my iPhone. (Some great things and opportunities came from this project and I will be writing about them very soon here at



©Just Josh


Then there are those who accept mobile photography but believe in only “pure” mobile photography. This camp of users believes that mobile photography should be pure images, shot on a mobile phone and posted right away on Instagram or another image sharing platform. Any manipulation beyond a slight color shift or filter application is not acceptable. These purists think that “mobile ART photography” is not acceptable.



©Chris Rivera


Is this the type of argument that we really want to have with our new and growing mobile photography experience? Although I believe it is appropriate and beneficial to have civil and thought-provoking discussions concerning mobile photography art, and its creation, why do we as artists and photographers believe we can and should tell others that their artistic approach is wrong or somehow inappropriate? Wouldn’t it be better if we focused on sharing as a community and like-minded lovers of photography?


©Alberto Pestana


I have always believed it is the privilege of the artist to use whatever means inspires him to create and express his own unique vision for the world. In my opinion, the results are what matter the most, not how something was created. It is always much easier to be a critic than a creator. It is the creator who contributes, builds, discovers and explores new possibilities, and it is critic who is often left behind.



©Wladmir Dal Bó


Today let me encourage you to embrace change, and, by doing so, you will be help to shape and create the constant changing future”.


I want to thank all of my new Brazilian friend and specifically Anna Leticia Cohen (@annaleticohen) for encouraging me to write this feature and lending my voice to this worthy conversations. I also want to thank all of the photographers that contributed their images to this features and trusted me to represent some of their opinions. You all inspire me with your creativity, vision and your mobile works of art.

When not performing my covert operations for the FBI, I spend my free time saving baby harp seals in the most populated area of the Arctic. On Holiday’s I travel to London to play Mac Beth at the Savoy Theatre. I frolic, I weave, I connect dots, I carve soap sculptors and I am a part time Lego artist. Although there is no know record of it, I once won the Nobel peace prize for my ground breaking and innovative designs with shelf-paper. I spotted, trapped and released Big Foot while camping on the Yukon River. I am the man behind the voice on Movie Phone. I never buckle my seat belt while on a plane. I saw the real Jim Morrison perform live last week in a small hotel bar in San Juan Puerto Rico. He sang, DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE and hummed the theme song from STAR WARS. I am the player to be named later in any professional draft. Every other Tuesday morning I play dodge-ball with the Pope at the Vatican under St. Peter’s square. I always let His Excellency win! I refuse allow gravity to effect me. I have a map that shows the exact location of the fountain of youth. I fly a Pegasus to save on gas. And I was employed at Playboy Magazine for 18 years and served as the Senior Photography Editor and Managing Content Producer for Playboy Digital. Currently, I am a photographer, producer, Chief Editor at the #JJ community (@joshjohnson on Instagram) and a partner at Creator Gallery. Although I have had a relatively quiet life thus far, I see some really excitement times coming my way writing for


  • Stephanie

    Fantastic article Kevin! Glad to see this after such a ruckus with that one… I think you said it well!

  • Cat Milton

    Beautifully put, from start to finish.

    What a great addition to the AppWhisperer!

  • Chris Rivera

    Oh dang! What an honor for my photo to be a part of this! Thanks so much!

    I also could not agree more with your article Kevin!

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Good commentary, nice selection of features. Maybe the argument to the purists is the use of the product – end result. Not all tools are right for the job/output. Some are interchangeable, some are not. And is some instances, does it matter? That is more the question. In the end it is in the eye of the creator and beholder.

  • Camilla

    I really liked your article. I was talkin with a friend. She is photographer (more in artistic and installative way). She is older than me and had a vast experience in Photography in New York. I was tryying to convince her to be a kind of my coach. I love to photograph. But I feel I need to find my way. She told me I shoul explore what my time is giving me to explore and that is the mobile photography. I am sure I am far way of finding my thing in Photography, but I am open to everything related to it. If I had not already a theme for my master thesis, I would research about the mobile photography and platforms of sharing pictures online, specially Instagram. I hope the academy is open for such studies, because this, what we are living is in my opinion a big revolution, much bigger than the Polaroid land cameras did in the past.
    I will keep reading your texts, I liked it, specially your description, I could see you playing with the Pope Francis 🙂