parallel ll perspectives – By Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines – Seventh Edition


We are delighted to publish the seventh edition of the wonderful parallel ll perspectives column of Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines. In this article, they have used an image taken by JQ Gaines in New York City to create two incredibly different images.

Parallel ll perspectives is all about using one image and seeing how it can be apped in different ways to create two completely diverse overall images. We have created two separate screen shows of both of their images along with their own individual tutorial audio to demonstrate this entirely. We really hope you enjoy this wonderful column, many thanks to Catherine and JQ for their excellent work.

We have also included still images of each shot too with apps used and links to the app store incase you feel inspired to try some yourself.





JQ’s Video


Catherine’s Video


JQ’s Still Images

















Catherine’s Still Images

















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11 thoughts on “parallel ll perspectives – By Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines – Seventh Edition”

  1. Thank you. I love hearing your creative process and see what you both come up with. So much fun.

  2. Joanne, thank you so much, once again, for your hard work on this column and your unending support. xoxo And JQ, can I say how much I love your photo and audio tutorial?? The paw prints are just brilliant! Thank you for your friendship, I hope you know how much of a joy it is to work with you on this column. xoxo 🙂

  3. You guys are great, love the work and tutorials. Can’t wait for more, keep on klicking.

  4. Another wonderful tutorial, I always come away with new ideas after watching these. Thank you both so much! I love both of the final results!

  5. What a joy to spend time with you J.Q. and Catherinel, this morning, through this Parallel II Perspective! Many thanks for sharing the thoughts and processes. Thank you, Joanne, for all you do to bring this terrific content to us!

  6. Finally had some quiet in the house in order to enjoy this! 😉 Great work again ladies! Such a great image to start with and I loved both your takes on how to tackle the processing. Catherine, I really love how you went a little different with this one and how you went “bonkers” with the crosshatching! 😀 It turned out fabulous!!! xoxo

  7. Really love the image and Catherine’s beautiful rendering. You two make me wish there were people around here! To shoot and to enjoy.

  8. Wow! Jacqueline …u crack me up! When u started off all I noticed was the red.
    Love love love your in depth consideration. Definitely inspiring for me to look more at those lingering files in my roll. I thought mine was stocked.
    Very interesting portrait of opposites .
    Catherine…love the painterly interpretation of it so subtle yet impressive. Nice wall art !
    Thanks for all the information on the process . I struggle with ADD so often don’t go beyond what I am familiar with. These tutorials give me some new processes to look into.
    So scared of the brushes…


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