iObsess – iPhone Photography Video Tutorial – By Dan Marcolina


We’re delighted to publish the latest iPhone photography tutorial by our Columnist Dan Marcolina to his great Column, iObsess with us.

This time Dan puts aremaC app through its paces – to watch the tutorial – click on this link –




2 thoughts on “iObsess – iPhone Photography Video Tutorial – By Dan Marcolina”

  1. Fantastic review Dan!
    As usual…
    Loved the way you embed the review using sliderocket into the iPhone shell. Perfect.
    Very complex piece of programming Mr. Seibol has come up with. German quality I believe.
    I can see how you would be able to come up with some very custom recipes for creating unique filters to apply to your work. I personally not sure if I would have the focus (pun intended) to work through all those options for trial and error. But…that is just me. I know plenty of people that will love tinkering around with the options aremaC has to offer.
    I was wondering if it has auto save…so if the app crashes, you don’t need to start all over.
    Finally…I will recommend it to my students that has that gene in them to drill down into this app.
    Thanks Joanne letting know about this app, Dan fro the wonderful review and Dominik of course for the intense work on this tool to help artist push their boundaries of imagination on mobile devices.

  2. That’s great: The tutorial and the app as well. Thank you Dan, thank you Joanne, thank you to the developer of this app. An ocean of inspiration!


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