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We’ve been having a few discussions with some photo app developers today, asking for their opinions on the new iOS 7 camera/photo features. Take a look at the developer of ProCam and PhotoStation, Majed Azzam’s reponse below…


"The prevalent discussion surrounding iOS 7 prior to yesterday’s unveiling revolved around flat versus skeuomorphic design. However, in our view, the star of the show at WWDC was iCloud. Apple is still focused on services through its cross-platform ecosystem (Maps, iRadio, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, iWork for iCloud, iCloud Keychain, etc.), which is the very heart of it’s success – everything else is window dressing. This is very clear in the direction Apple is taking with their new photo apps. 

The camera’s square format and live filters appeal to social networkers, with iCloud Photo Sharing providing an alternative platform. The native camera’s functionality seems to continue to be secondary given the abundance of camera replacement apps within the ecosystem. For the more serious iPhonographers, new APIs have been introduced, most notably, the ability to shoot at 60 fps.  

Rumored camera hardware improvements include a higher resolution sensor and better low light performance, further strengthening the iPhone’s position as the world’s #1 camera. We see Apple leveraging this position to encompass all it’s users’ needs".

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1 thought on “Opinion – iOS 7 – A Developers Point of View”

  1. I was wondering if it will be possible in the near future to be able to set the ISO, aperture and shutter speed?
    Any thoughts?
    I posted this on mobitog.com, but so far no comments! I was hoping that one of the camera developers would share their ideas about this.
    I have not found a camera that is able to deal with the intense brightness from a follow spot in a concert type of settings.
    If anybody knows different, please leave a message here! Thank you.

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