The App Whisperer – Flickr Group Showcase – June 09, 2013


We have put together another very special Flickr group showcase , our twentieth of 2013 with some of our favorite images and some great new talent that have been uploaded to our Flickr group – Mobile Photography & Imagery, this week. The quality of submissions continues to rise, so we have decided to make our showcases that much bigger to incorporate as much of this stunning mobile art and photography as we can and to get it out to a wider audience.

Each image can be viewed on Flickr by clicking on the relevant artist below:

Jeanette Vazquez, Yuriy Leskiv, Ali Jardine, Jun Yamaguchi, Joanne Mariol, Scott Terrill, Lumilyon/Nettie Edwards, Clint Cline, Wayman, Cindy Patrick, Jose Freitas, Donna French, Tracey Renehan, Lola Mitchell, Mark T Simmons, Shel Serkin, Lene Basma, Hassan Kiyany, Roger Guetta, SLP, Juliana Longiotti, Alexvisage, Sharon LuVisi, Jean5178, Johnny Ecko, Aldo Pacheco, Lee Atwell, Em Kachouro, Moshen Chinehkesh, Saverio, Lee Thatcher, …storrao, David Booker, Eloise Capet, Liz Traynor, Olga Kasatkina, Montse Abad, _Lna, djenzooooo, JQ Gaines, Noe Todorovich, Chad Rankin, Sarah Jarrett, Masaki Kitagawa, Jennifer Bracewell, Lee Thatcher, Michelle Robinson, Joaquin Montalvan, Pascal Maramis, Louise Fryer, Veronica(By The Twlight), Rhonda Forsberg,

Music in this weeks showcase is:

Polorum Regina – Angles of Venice
Revival – Fisher





10 thoughts on “The App Whisperer – Flickr Group Showcase – June 09, 2013”

  1. The quality of these images continue to blow me away. Thank you again, Joanne, for including two of mine, and for the seemingly endless hours you devote to this community.

  2. Wonderful selection of images and an honour to be selected for this showcase. Thank you so much, Joanne. Congrats to all!

  3. I’m awe-struck Joanne—and all who participate in this showcase. Your images are profound, inspiring and so much more. Thanks so much for sharing of yourselves…

  4. Viewing this felt like a celebration of our shared humanity.
    Can’t explain way…maybe the leading music.
    Perhaps the platform that we are currently standing and sharing alittle bit of ourselves…inconsequential to borders , tongues etcetc.
    I am delighted to be included amongst such fine heART.
    Come “morrow I will be sure to look see some I obviously missed.

    Thank you folks so much,
    Signing off with some cosmic cyber love

  5. Great showcase as per usual, Joanne. As Sharon mentions above, thanks for the seemingly endless hours you devote to this community.

  6. Another fabulous selection, Joanne. Like my fellow commenters, I appreciate the effort you put into your site and the showcases. Thank you so much for selecting my image. A huge congrats to all selected.


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