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Streets Ahead – Tenth Edition

We’re delighted to publish the Tenth Edition of Streets Ahead, the wonderful Women’s Street Photography Column that we publish each week.
If you would like to join the Streets Ahead Flickr group, please go here.

The enthusiasm and support for this collective has been tremendous – and we can’t thank you all enough! Our membership in the Flickr group is now over 100 and keeps growing every week.

For this week’s showcase, we thought it would be far more interesting to present a quality sampling of the work that was submitted, instead of selecting only 10 “favorites.” Please note, however, that we simply couldn’t help but comment on a few photographs that jumped out at us… you’ll find those images below with the showcase beneath them.

And if you feel compelled to share your thoughts, please do! (especially on the topics of composition, colors/tones, subject matter, bordered frame vs. borderless, etc.) This is OUR collective… and the more voices that are shared (and heard,) the better! We have recently set up a Forum for our column, so if we get really wordy we can move our discussions over there.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this presentation… and we look forward to meeting you all back here next week!’


“W o n d e r m e n t” by Catherine Restivo


Flickr link


This image immediately struck my heart, and on several levels. Visually, I think the composition is beautiful and the post processing choices are stellar. Catherine’s use of the sepia tone gives us a sense of timelessness. I also happen to be a big fan of using the slide frame as a surface for integrating (or extending) elements of an image. And in this case, she artistically incorporated text (which is not always easy to do.) But for me, the real charm of this photograph lies in the fact that we perceive a well-trained classical musician playing to an audience of one… a young toddler. And that is a very powerful and strong visual… because what we are actually seeing is “the powerful language of music.”


“Time Walker” by Tracey Renehan


Flickr link


The strong lines in this photo are absolutely beautiful…. giving us not only a sense of movement, but also of depth. It has a Film Noir ambiance… and if I didn’t know that Tracey had captured this image with a mobile device, I’d swear that this was taken in the 40’s.


“A Giant Clown Came To Town” by MartinaP


Flickr link


This photograph definitely has a genuine cinematic ambiance to it — just like a movie still. I am intrigued by MartinaP’s post processing choices… I love how the the blur highlights all of the intense energy and excitement that is going on, while the black and white tones keep our eyers focused on the subject. Beautiful image!

“Carter’s Steam Fair” by Dani Salvadori


Flickr link

The perspective in this photograph makes me smile… we feel as though we are right under the swinging legs of the child in the foreground. Dani’s framing choices are right on the mark… she gives us a clear feeling of height and upward motion. She also integrated her text beautifully into the clouds… following the direction of the lines on the ride. Subtle, yet elegant.

“July 4th” by Cecily Mariece Caceu (Cecilyc123)


Flickr Link

What a perfect shot of pure Americana… the car, the colors, the look of a freshly painted white house, kids on their bikes, and the American Flag! My immediate thought was “Dick and Jane Go To The Parade.” Cecily framed this photograph beautifully… she has kept our eyes focused on the main subject (the car), yet at the same time, we are able to visually take in the entire festive atmosphere. I just love this photograph!




JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • Catherine Restivo

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise! Fabulous street shots as always, and I’m thrilled to be included. Just love the video too!! Congrats to all the selected artists! 😀

  • MartinaP.

    Thank you so much for having selected my picture; it’s always an honor to be featured in the Streets Ahead’s wonderful showcase! Congrats to all the selected artists! And thank you JQ Gaines for your great work.

  • Stef LP

    Wonderful selection !!!! Brava!!! I will consider the video later on….

    Tres busy.


  • Cecily

    Finally got a moment to watch the video and I am so impressed with the wonderful work by everyone!!! Pleased as punch!!! Thanks so much!! Cecily

  • Cyndy Johnson

    A huge thank you for featuring my photo in your video! I am just thrilled to be included with such amazing and talented people. Congratulations to all the artists, wonderful showcase!

  • lee atwell

    wonderful images by everyone and a great selection! i feel very moved to be a part of the collective you have created JQ and Joanne. there is something very special about viewing these photos and street photography from a women’s perspective. i feel inspired each week to take photos because of the ‘streets ahead’ group! i am honored to have an image included – heartfelt thank you!

  • Tracey Renehan

    Excellent selection, JQ. Thank you for including my image and for your wonderful feedback. Congrats to all selected.

  • JQ Gaines

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!!! Echoing Lee Atwell’s words… I, too, feel very moved to be part of this collective. And there are no words to describe how grateful and appreciative I feel seeing all the genuine support that gathers here in this space _/\_

    Wishing you all a very peaceful weekend…. and look forward to meeting back here in a few days!