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The App Nerds Workshop – Let’s Talk About Social Media Platforms – By Lola Mitchell

We’re delighted to published the latest article to Lola Mitchell’s App Nerds Workshop Column. In case you’re new to this wonderful column we wanted to give you a little background. Lola’s bi-weekly Column is called ‘The App Nerds Workshop‘. It is a virtual classroom, an environment for new talent to share their work, for Lola to share some of the ways she uses apps and for the not so new talent to share some secrets. Lola sometimes assigns broad themes to keep the creative juices flowing. Your minds will be tickled into creating, experimenting, daring, dreaming, making and doing.

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This week is another inspiring article and we are sure you will love it, over to you Lola…(foreword by Joanne Carter).




Today I want to talk about keeping up with all the different platforms of social media.

I have always been pretty bad about it. I cannot seem to find the time. Maybe it is due to a lack of understanding of what needs to be done to be always on top of things. I feel like I am present, I upload my pics on my website, my Facebook page, my flickr and (my iPhone only pics), Instagram and EyeEm….

I cannot keep up with the Facebook groups. I tried so hard, and I also tried to keep up with the ampt community, mobitog, they do great challenges and feature great artists….

I just get overwhelmed.

They have, however brought me here and I have been in art shows and will be in an upcoming book. I have built friendships and developed a following. They have served me well and continue to do so.

But I am not always up to date on the latest. Thankfully there is this amazing website, you might have heard of it, theappwhisperer… : ) I often find out about new apps through this site, or new amazing photographers that enter the community through the weekly Flickr Group showcase.

I am amazed though at the amount of people who are amazing at doing all this, plus the Facebook groups, plus I am sure something else I am not aware of, yes backspace for example. My head swims at the thought of adding another platform to my list.

So once again I am trying to simplify a little. One platform that I always think about leaving behind is Instagram. So much stealing goes on and I do not feel like I am able to keep up with everyone on it. I am getting more and more comfortable with EyeEm though. There is always however this sense that if you do not keep instagram you might not be informed of everything…maybe because it is so popular. This feeling that I might miss an opportunity.

Even tough I have to thank for giving me the opportunity to be part of my first art show. It was the first photo platform with Flickr that I joined.

I often wonder if there is a right way to get your work seen nowadays. There are so many options. Or maybe it is about one’s personality. Lately I have been craving being outside and enjoying nature. The more I get into photography the less I worry about how many likes I get. If I am happy with it then I am happy. It is not to say that I do not care what others think, because then I would not even post it at all. I am however craving a live experience, an art show for example.

Basically the more I work on taking photos which take time and involve going places and getting out, the more I forget to post on this or that platform. I would say at this point that my main 3 are my website, Facebook page and Flickr.

How do you feel about it? What are you favorites? What do you get out of them? What are your thoughts on social networks? I would love to hear your thoughts on this oh so vast subject.

App Nerds Flickr group showcase

Untitled by Louise Fryer


The Gallery of the mind by Liz Traynor


Lola discovered iPhone photography shortly after getting her first iPhone a year and a half ago. Her love of photography started early, thanks to her father who was a professional photographer – Jorge Damonte. Through him, Lola learnt about other photographers and artists. He taught her the ropes and she dabbled in the darkroom. Lola explains that she always took photographs but never felt the urge to share or do anything further with them, that all changed with the iPhone. Lola’s career, pre-kids was in production of documentary television and once she had kids she kept on taking photos and the iPhone gave her an outlet for more artistic montages.


  • Gusbano

    Well I tot. agree with you Lola! Some years ago, I decided to upload my pics only on 3 in my eyes acceptable platforms: eyeem, flickr and tumblr. Sometimes on iphoneart and my website.

  • Stef LP

    I started off years ago with, moved on to flickr , deviantart and redbubble.
    Past couple of years…eyeEm iphoneArt and IG. Yes and backspaces .
    Conclusion: it’s often more about what you give as opposed to what you get.
    Moving into the mobile scene is like entering a room full of the popular kids.
    One can remain pretty much invisible. I have the impression folks have established their niche and aren’t that much into exploring others work.
    Though- interestingly- folks will follow but rarely will there be any feedback.
    I often think folks will follow just to get ideas from others.
    Most of all this is futile.
    For me, the handful of folks of whom I can say provide a true interchange are worth the time.
    Otherwise, there r too many egos to contend with to expect anything of substance to result.
    For me…I fluctuate between complete awareness of the futility of all this and determination to just sign off…to guest appearances here there and nowhere.
    I have established some lasting associates through jpgmag and dA of whom provide a community of sorts. Too of late some folks through Flickr and eyeEm community.
    Foresight into our goals – what we hope to accomplish through all these platforms – might put things into perspective what value they serve in our lives. And How much time we want to invest in them. And whether or not our investments are worth the cost.

    • Lola Mitchell

      See and thats where I have a problem too. If I am on too many platforms I do not give myself the time to look at everyone’s work and frankly that is what I get out of them.

      The community is what is interesting in these platforms. See most of the people I know I have met through Then most of the same people are on IG, Eyem and Flickr. BUT there are some photographers I love that are only on one of those and that makes me stay. Although as far as true connection for me they have all happened through Iphoneart.

      As far as feedback it is a really hard one. It takes time, but mostly the way I see it is this. If I really like a photo, I will like it, sometimes post a comment but usually I do not start offering my reasons for liking the pic. I just will say a one word comment. Because I just think it is so subjective why a photo will speak to me. I also would not necessarily want to know why someone likes my pic all the time. I think it might influence me on my next pic. (does that make sense?)
      I think sharing your work is giving a lot. We are all putting our work out there for everyone to see. I remember the first time I posted I was so scared. of what? I am not sure.
      Thank you for taking the time to answer by the way ; )

  • Janine Graf

    Oh boy how I can relate! It’s so overwhelming. I have an abandoned Instagram account and deviantART account, I can’t even remember my Twitter login information, a semi-abandoned account and Eye’Em is looking like it’ll follow suit. Ugh. It’s just too hard to give 100% to that many platforms. I envy the people who can successfully pull it off.

    • Lola Mitchell

      lol Janine. Yes I too cannot remember my login for Twitter and never really understood the whole thing. I know it posts a tweet when I post on my website. Its all voodoo magic. I, too envy the people that do it all and well…