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Streets Ahead – Eighteenth Edition

Welcome to the Eighteenth edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers. Please be aware that this week’s showcase is a little longer than usual. Why? Well, many of us associated with The App Whisperer were busy socializing in a London meet-up last week… so, unfortunately, some work didn’t get done. Anyway, this week’s column is a combination of the past weeks . And believe me when I say that this was an incredibly difficult showcase to curate… because the quality of images that are submitted to he Flickr Group are absolutely gorgeous.,, and very inspiring!

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Hope you enjoy this week’s showcase…


“SOFO” by Tracey Renehan


Flickr link

Another gorgeous and visually successful image from Tracey!! Not only is this photograph beautifully composed… but it has a very interesting narrative. The body gestures of these three men all point to some kind of intrigue, with the focus and attention placed on the man at the end. This has a rich cinematic feel to it… the black and white tones are nothing short of luscious and delicious. *Sigh* And because my background is in bookbinding… I find my thoughts constantly coming back to: “What a fabulous book cover!!!”

“11 O’Clock Coffee Shop” by Jennifer Sharpe


Flickr link

I personally find working with double exposures difficult, and have completely shied away from exploring this genre. However, Jennifer’s photograph is inspiring me to take a more serious look at re-attempting this technique. I just love the mood that she has captured here. Without seeing the details, I can “feel” all the rushed and hectic activity in this coffee shop… complete with loud morning chatter and movement. I think this is a wonderful example on how clearly we can see by using our emotions and feelings.

“Untitled” by Christine Mignon


Flickr link

Christine has such a magnificent eye for subject matter and composition, and to be honest, I found myself wanting to comment on nearly every single image she shared with us. However, this photograph jumped out at me the loudest… three women occupying three separate spaces (the foreground, middle ground and background)… all facing (and walking) in different directions with distinctly different expressions. It just can’t get any better than this. What a fantastic shot, Christine… very intuitive and well- spotted! Sending you a virtual “High Five!” for this one!

“Summer In The Fountains” by Gina Costa


Flickr link

I have no words to describe the powerful emotions this image triggers for me… and personally, I think this photograph is one that deserves our complete recognition and attention. Before getting to the social/political content… I want to congratulate Gina on a beautiful composition and narrative. The visual path is beautifully defined, navigating our eyes directly from the foreground into the background, observing every single detail along the way. I also feel that her artistic choice in using a sepia filter was a brilliant one… because this one factor, alone, elevates this image into a “timeless” position. But putting all the artistic elements aside, what really strikes a chord is that we are forced to ask the question: Was this taken in the 1950‘s/1960‘s… or was this taken yesterday?” Yep. None of us can escape this question… and that, in and of it itself, speaks volumes.

“Camera Dancing” by Nettie Edwards


Flickr link

Exactly how Nettie got this spectacular shot, we’ll never know… unless she tells us, of course. But what I do know is that I find this image EXTREMELY intriguing. Probably the most interesting response I found myself having is that I was not satisfied standing still while viewing this photograph. Instead, I wanted to interact with this image like a piece of sculptural art… walking around and studying this couple from many different sides and angles. And I don’t ever remember approaching a photograph with this kind of fascination before 🙂 I think this is a gorgeous representation on how we, as photographers, should be approaching our subjects with a genuinely inquisitive nature… letting our eyes embark on a journey that wants to seek out new discoveries and perspectives. Beautiful photograph, Nettie!

“Taking Funicular to Taksim Sq” by Tuba Korhan


Flickr link

Tuba’s processing choices on this photograph beautifully highlights and accents the mood of this young woman. Without a doubt, she is deeply immersed in her own thoughts while en transit somewhere. I’m not sure exactly why, but I feel a certain amount of empathy for her. Clearly, we will never know exactly what she was thinking about… but I can’t help and wonder: Is she daydreaming? Is she anticipating something about to happen? Or is she regretting something that already happened? I really love the introspective nature of this photograph…

Video Showcase


JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • gina costa

    Oh my heavens, what a wonderfully curated and articulated selection. I am so humbled to even be considered in this group of talented women. Thank you JQ and Joanne.

  • cyndy johnson

    This showcase is just fantastic! The music made me want to get up and go shoot! I too am so honored to be included in this group of very talented artists. Thank you so much JQ and Joanne.

  • Jennifer Sharpe

    Humbled, honored, and elated to be featured and included in this showcase. Continue to be so proud to be a part of the Streets Ahead collective. Thank you, JQ.

  • Anne Martine Parent (MartinaP.)

    Wonderful selection, JQ. So many beautiful and inspiring images. Congrats everyone!

  • Cara Gallardo Weil

    Great selection JQ and I really enjoyed the commentary, as always. Congrats to all!

  • Stef LP

    Nice! I have missed some decisive moments on the streets ahead.
    Disappear for a couple of weeks and….life goes on and on and on and even boogies.
    Great feature

  • Tracey Renehan

    Fantastic, upbeat selection, JQ! My heart often does a couple of flips when I read your commentary. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback on “SoFo”. Congratulations to all selected. I totally agree with Cyndy, your comments and selections are inspiring.

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks for including two of my images this week – I don’t consider myself to be a strong “streetie” (preferring landscapes and country) but took the opportunity to grab a few captures while in Washington DC last weekend. Wish I had more opportunity to shoot in urban environments, but am headed to DC again next week for work – am inspired by your selection here, and may take some time to grab more captures. Am in good company for inspiration amidst so many talented women photogs. Cheers and happy shooting…….thanks for your tireless curatorial efforts.

  • lee atwell

    gorgeous and inspiring images… i am so honored to be a part of streets ahead and this showcase… thank you so much JQ! i adore the commentary immensely… congratulations to all!