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Streets Ahead – Twenty Second Edition

Welcome to the twenty second edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers.

Each week we review and curate work that was submitted to our Flickr Group. In addition to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we also highlight a few images that caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition, and subject matter.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s showcase…


“Playing Badminton” by Chantale Roxanas


Flickr link

When I first saw this picture, my initial response was one of sadness… because the barbed wire spoke loudly of “imprisonment.” And nothing is worse than a person’s freedom being removed and confined. But once I got past my first reaction I found myself smiling. I then realized that this photograph contains a deeper message… which is: nothing can take away our desire for happiness and having fun, especially for children. Kids will always find ways to laugh and play, even when times and conditions are tough. This is such a gorgeous shot, Chantale… and it’s definitely one that leaves an impression.

“At The Museum” by Gina Costa


Flickr link

Gina’s photograph echoes the beauty and intensity that was prominent in the German Expressionist Cinema during the early 1900’s. In this image she shares with us a fantastic interaction between architecture and people by using light and shadows with interestingly dynamic angles. Her choice of black and white tones keeps our eyes completely focused on the shapes and angles… while at the same time, lending an incredible depth to the space. I this this is absolutely gorgeous, Gina!

“Boys” by Jessy Menchaca


Flickr link

Jessica was definitely poised and ready for this shot because she caught it at the right moment! The composition is gorgeous… the boys are beautifully centered between the poles as they are marching forward on the beach. But what really struck me visually were the analogous vertical lines throughout this photograph… the poles, the cluster of vertical bodies, their legs, and their arms. If we step back and look at this image abstractly, we will see strong (and dark) vertical lines embracing a cluster of light vertical lines. And this is what really struck me. I think this is gorgeous, Jessica!!!

“Untitled” by Louise Fryer


Flickr link

What a fun capture! There is so much energy, tension and suspense in this man’s expression… and I can actually feel the grip he has on the knife, as runs for his life. Or so it seems, anyway 🙂 Regardless, I truly like everything about this photo… the contrast in the black and white tones, the fast and unsteady movement of the man, and the expression on his face. This is a snapshot of a moment in time that will not stand still ….

“Untitled” Tracy Mitchell Griggs


Flickr link

I found this image to be visually intriguing and entertaining. It looks to me like a mother and daughter went to the hairdresser’s together, but neither of them were very happy that day. But then as I was studying their expressions, I couldn’t help but notice the poster on the wall, which I found to be a wonderful “John Waters” element to this scene. But what really made me smile were the shadow lines on the wall. Each of the angles (on both sides) mimic the posture of each woman’s legs. One is crossed… while the other is stretched outward. Absolutely fantastic capture, Tracy!

Video Showcase


JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks for the selection and kudos to this week’s artists – such a diverse group of photos~

  • Geri

    Thanks for including my photo in this curation! Loved seeing everyone’s images.

  • Tracey Renehan

    Thank you for including my image in this week’s selection, JQ. Love reading your commentary. Congrats to all selected artists.