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Brand New Section For TheAppWhisperer – Utilising Your DSLR/Mirrorless/Medium Format Cameras With Apps!

We’re very excited to launch a brand new section to TheAppWhisperer today, this section will be entitled Photo Tool Apps and essentially help you operate and utilize your DSLR’s, mirrorless and medium/large format cameras with specialised apps.

We have covered these in the past, infact I was the first Professional Journalist to write about them for dpreview back in 2011, see here and I have mentioned them here of course. But now we are dedicating a complete section to this invaluable area. Mobile Photography encompasses many aspects, it’s not only about taking and editing images with your smartphone and of course this is an essential area that we already focus on heavily but we are also well aware of how many of you still enjoy traditional photography too.

We want to help you learn about the many apps on the market that can help you maximise your experience. These include remote trigger apps, digital image transfer apps, DOF calculators, location apps, model releases and including video tool apps too, there are also some great apps available to aid video making, not least MovieSlate. We will also be covering any hardware that helps your traditional photography with the combined use of apps, for example, the CamRanger and triggertrap. We will also look at portable battery chargers that are not only capable of keeping your mobile devices fully charged but also your traditional camera and flash guns too.

We will publish interviews with hardware and software developers. We will interview users of these products, we will publish tutorials and more.

The Photo Tool Apps section is much more than a Column it is a complete area that will include an abundance of information and education.

We are delighted to announce that Martin Duerr will head up this section for us. Martin is a professional photographer both in the traditional and modern sense of the term. He is based in Munich, Germany and for the past 25 years Martin has worked for companies including Mercedes, Jaguar, Siemens and more. You can learn more about Martin here.

We’ll let Martin explain a little more about this section, in his own words, over to you Martin (foreword by Joanne Carter).




“Over the past few years we are aware that mobile photography has reached more and more people bringing out some extraordinary art, than perhaps any other photographic medium in such a short time.

Although the camera industry smiled at the first attempts of the mobile phone manufacturers to enter the photographic market, they now show deep worry lines when they look at their revenue and how those tiny “unacceptable” photographic instruments eat their point-and-shoot segment alive.

One of the key features that enables this kind of a “home-run” for the mobile phone manufacturers are not the lenses itself, it is the app world they built around it.

No idea seems to be weird enough to not find an app that fits perfectly. As you know the prices are incredible cheap, especially compared to traditional software applications.

But wait, you can do much more with those mobile devices. Sure you can take phonecalls too, but more and more enthusiasts, semi-professionals and professional photographers like to implement mobile devices into their imaging workflow. Not as a camera itself, but as a tool that helps to measure distances, get the right exposure, transfer images, telecontrol their DSLRs. They use it as a look up table and as an editing device, they make annotations and they use it to create and update their portfolio on the fly, wherever they are, wherever they shoot. Outdoor, indoor, on location or in a studio.

The new AppWhisperer section ‘Photo Tool Apps’ will take a closer look at this and will support you with information about new apps and hardware add-ons that enable you to create better images more easily with the help of your mobile device. No matter what kind of system you are using, iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

I am thoroughly looking forward to getting this section started and helping you all make the correct informed choices with your next photo tool apps”. Martin

Martin was born in 1959 in Germany and studied Graphic Design at the University of Applied Science in Munich. His father led the camera development team at AGFA in Munich. Martin’s father was also a gifted painter, illustrator and photographer, enabling Martin to be exposed to this medium at an early age. Martin’s images today are either photographs or illustrations and have a graphical shade, like old etchings. He concentrates on shapes and textures rather than a full spectrum of colours. Martin’s images mostly show technical or mechanical equipment, landscapes, architectural objects, plants and some animals – his illustrations are more a mix of fantasy themes, sci-fi as well as surreal and the erotica. For the past 25 years Martin has been working for companies including Ferrero, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Siemens photographing, compositing, 3D modeling, vfx and illustration. From 2008 Martin has run a company – Models from Mars LLC which specialises in visualisation, cgi and photography with Clint Clemens (Canon Explorers of Light) in Newport, Rhodes Island.