iOS Photography Tool Apps – Pinhole Assist – Updated


As many of our loyal readers will be aware, we have a brand new section to entitled Photo Tool Apps and we have a fabulous editor Martin Duerr heading this up. You can find out more about this new section here.

Pinhole Assist is an excellent companion to argentic pinhole and wet-plate collodion photography. The range of aperture and sensitivity (starting at 0.25 ISO) allows for wet-plate and slow processes as well as pinhole.

Pinhole Assist is packed with predefined light measurement but there’s also manual override. There’s also a good deal of reciprocity charts included and new with this update, is the HOLD/Resume button for light meter. The app has also been redesigned for iOS 7 with enhanced usability and swifter access to the most common settings.

This is a free update if you have previously purchased Pinhole Assist, if not, you can download it here. It retails for $2.99/£1.99/download.


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