Is Mobile Photography Underrated?


Well, so say all of us it is, here at we’ve been advocating it for many years now. Award winning photographer Benjamin Lowy will be Judging the Head On Mobile competition, that we just mentioned here – as well as that he will be hosting a workshop in Sydney for the event.

He began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003.  Since then he has covered major stories worldwide, including the wars in Afghanistan and Darfur, the Libyan Uprising, the Haitian Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. At the moment Ben is in Sochi photographing the Winter Olympics.

Whatever the event, Ben isn’t afraid of using a mobile phone to capture extraordinary images. Not convinced?  Do Ben’s workshop!

“If you believe that Hipstamatic and Instagram could inspire tens of millions of people to become more interested in ‘serious’ photography, then think of Mr Lowy as a prophet urging others to abandon out-dated and elitist ways. If, on the other hand, you believe that iPhone photography — and the Hipstamatic app, in particular — are the work of the Devil, then you can think of Mr Lowy as his messenger.” James Estrin, New York Times

We’ll be publishing more details about this workshop very soon…


2 thoughts on “Is Mobile Photography Underrated?”

  1. Nothing irks me more when I show someone one of my iPhone photos than when they say, “Too bad you didn’t have a nice SLR with you.” No, it’s too bad you can’t appreciate a great photo for the beautiful piece of art that it is. The best camera is the one you have on you.

  2. One of the comments I get often is, ” Oh it is just an iPad”.
    It must be my age that I find the iPad to be a remarkable device. But for many people it is such a common sight that they do not appreciate the amount of work and technology invested in these devices. Regardless, it doesn’t make any difference. Those people do not read this website because are not interested in mobile device photography. For me it’s all about the experience that comes with capturing images with whatever camera I have in my hand whether it be a mobile device or a fancy DSLR.


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