Mobile Masters Proof Winners Announced


We re delighted to publish news of the winners of the Mobile Masters Proof Competition. The aim of this second edition of the Mobile Masters interactive eBook is to showcase Mobile Photography as a distinctive and expanding new movement in the history of the art form. It will curate the best work of some of the most passionate early innovators of this underground movement with images that would not have been made just 3 or 4 years ago.

We are proud to be a supporter of this competition with the organiser Dan Marcolina who also happens to be one of our Columnists, we have also offered several prizes too.

Many congratulations to all the winners, these include: Arlene L Jackson, Craig Corbin, Allison Pistohl, Carla Berger, Cedric Blanchon, Cecily Caceu, Christina Noerdam Anderson, Dewey Thomas, Dilshad Corleone, Eloise Capet, Eric Mencher, Ernesto Pena Sanz, Federica Corbelli, Janet Matthews, Kaily Koutosgiannis, Lisa McCarthy, Lola Mitchell, Mimi Svanberg, Nettie Edwards, Jason LaFletcher, Richard Gray, Rob Pearson-Wright, Tanya Braganti, Todd Leban, Victor Tan KH, Yifat Ashkenazi, Daniel Tepper, Benamon Tame, Stephane Arnaud, Philip Parsons, Damian De Souza, Jose Luis Barcia, Roger Guetta, Clif Wright, Helen Breznik, Anika Toro, Ysuke Tsurumaki, Pamel Atwell, Matthew Custar, Dmitry Tolkachev, Jennifer Thomas, Caroline MacMoran, Kelly, Maia Panos, Eric Mencher, Ebes Rasyid and Christian J Sweet.

Please take a look at the full length video below:





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