Mobile Masters 2 eBook Now Available and Temporarily Free


As we mentioned a few days ago (see here) the Mobile Masters Second Edition – Proof – is now available to download and will be temporarily free for two days, instead of the more usual $4.99/£2.99.

In addition the Interactive Print Show opens today as well. Explore over 50 immersive interactive portfolios with over 300 images from some of the best Mobile Photographers from around the world. Hear about their creative vision and how they created each image in their PROOF Portfolio. Each artist shares links to their favorite artist and mobile photo resources.

In addition see video updates on some of last years Mobile Masters and uncover many resources and tutorials to improve your work and get a complete understanding of the current state of the mobile arts. The selection of artist for this new edition was by a notable jury of 3 traditional Fine artist and 3 Mobile Artists.

By employing a balance of world class fine arts and mobile photography judges, the goal of this exhibit was to objectively identify and showcase the world’s top artists who are breaking new ground in mobile image discovery and invention. To PROVE the unique results from the form and function of mobile photography has crossed the threshold of acceptability and is a distinctive new movement in the history of the art form. The Mobile Movement.

To download the ebook, go here.




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  1. Thank you very much Dan for sharing your creation profiling these awesome artist. Thank you Joanne from bringing it to our attention!

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