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I first want to apologize at the delay in my getting this showcase to you all  especially with the numerous fabulous submissions!  Hands can be so expressive and have played a role in the creative life of every known society. Our hands, complete with opposable thumbs, are vital in so many ways to human beings. As a tool, they are used as eyes for the blind, and voices for the mute. We wave hello and good-bye; in addition to a whole host of other symbolic hand gestures each with their own universally understood meanings! I hope you’ll all enjoy this wonderful showcase; there were so many amazing creations to choose from. Thank you all for sharing your work and being a part of APPArt!

Congratulations to our featured APPartists in this showcase:

Armineh Hovanesian, Mandolina Moon, Mariette Schrijver, Eliza Badoiu, hanakai2001, Susan Rennie, Jeffrey Simpson, doc simsim, Mansi, livenotonevil, Vanessa Vox, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Em Kachouro, Juta Jazz, Kirsten Fenton, Gillian Brodie, Deborah McMillion, Mandolina Moon,

APPart is an active and growing community of artists who create with apps, please join us!

Armineh Hovanesian / Playing With The Setting Sun

Flickr link

This is such an excellent example of how very much can be communicated by the human hand. The monochromatic palette and extreme contrast in the blacks and whites create intense drama and accentuate the confrontational “stance” of this left hand. The resulting shadow comes strongly at the viewer, while the hand itself appears to challenge an opponent. In many cultures, the left hand represents evil or wickedness, and it seems that this left hand has had enough!


Kirsten Fenton / Swallowed

Flickr link

I’m fascinated by the ability a hand has to convey emotion, sometimes thoughts the face is trying to hide. In Swallowed, the gesture of the hand is vital to the composition. Its gentle curvature continues a general spiral in the movement of the work is also the brightest and most detailed element. The hand is not closed, and not open, points to a nearly expressionless, beautiful face that is mostly hidden. The piece feels quiet and contemplative to me, somewhat sad or ashamed. I’m reminded of the mythological character Daphne who was transformed to a laurel tree to escape the lustful pursuit of Apollo.


Video Showcase

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