Apple iPhone 6s Review – Kevin Carter / DxOMark


Kevin Carter our Head of Technical Hardware as well as the Lead Technical Editor for DxOMark and the British Journal of Photography among others and someone quite close to me 😉 recently tested the Apple iPhone 6s. The DxOMark lab tests represent the gold standard for technical photographic tests and these are used by all the large review sites including dpreview, Popular Photography etc as the basis to all their reviews.

Kevin concludes “Despite our hopes for the new sensor, the Apple iPhone 6s posts an identical overall score as its predecessor. With an overall DxOMobile score of 82 points, the Apple iPhone 6s is left behind by the two leaders in our database, the Sony Xperia Z5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with an overall score of 87 and 86 points respectively”.

Please read his full review here

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