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Mobile Art – APPart – Seventh Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer

I am delighted to publish our very latest APPart Mobile Art Flickr Group Showcase. Curated by our editor Bobbi McMurry and produced by myself. Over to Bobbi…(foreword by Joanne Carter).

“They say that time flies, and I’m here to tell you it fly’s at supersonic speed! My showcases usually feature twenty works, but given the length of time since our last showcase, narrowing to twenty was absolutely impossible. You’ve all been very busy creating and pushing yourselves to learn and grow as artists. Here I present to you fifty pieces from fifty artists  all excellent examples of what AppArt is all about. Enjoy!”

Huge congratulations to all of this Showcases featured APPartists: Vivi, Ginger Lucero, Paper Moon, Stefanie L.P., Riel Noir, Jim Purdue, Armineh Hovanesian, Ile Mont, Beezzz_, Bob Eddings, Giulia Baita, Janetlyn, Dani Salvadori, Kurt Norlin, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Diana Nicholette, Jeon, Janetlyn, Andrea Koerner, Claude Panneton, Tuba, Joanne Mariol, Kawol1, Yulia Naganova, Aldo Pacheco, Candice (CLAY) Railton, Juta Jazz, Susan Rennie, Mandolina Moon, Jo Sullivan, Mariette Schrijver, Sandra Becker, Patricia Leeds, Cat Morris, Carolyn Hall Young, Blemished Eye, Janetlyn, Meri Walker, Cathrine Halsor, Lorenka Campos, Dominique Torrent, Eric Raddatz, Michelle Robinson, Louise Whiting, Brett Chenoweth, Deborah McMillion / Hotel Midnight, Poetic Medium, Eliza Badoiu, Pat Brown, Wanphen Sangkamee, Before 1st Light / Jane Schultz

Here are the links you need to join our APPart groups:

• Flickr Group (for weekly showcase submissions)

. Flickr APPart Challenge Group

• Facebook Group (for information sharing/discussions)

‘The Faces of Eve’ – Sandra Becker – Flickr link

APPart Flickr Group Showcase

Bobbi McMurry received her BFA from Arizona State University where she focused on painting, drawing, and printmaking. After graduating, she spent many years as an Art Director for custom and newsstand magazines. She has recently rekindled her passion for creating personal images and has gravitated to the world of mobile art. Her work has been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, and has been recognized in mobile art competitions including The Third Wave and the Mobile Photo Awards. Additionaly, her work is part of the current iPhonic Art Exhibit at Markham Vinyards in California. She has been featured on mobile photography blogs, and recently became a columnist for The App Whisperer. Bobbi lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.