Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 61


Welcome the sixty first showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita.  Every two weeks Vox and Baita will curate the movie uploads to our Flickr group MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer.  They will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the ones selected.

Within this selection today, both Vox and Baita have curated the movies and Baita has written the commentary for this week, this will alternate (foreword by Joanne Carter).

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations to: Diana Nicholette Jeon, Lily in the rain, Karen Axelrad, Armineh Hovanesian and Dani Salvadori for being featured this week.

“Title Text Here” by Diana Nicholette Jeon

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The images of a dream that began in a forest and continues on a beach. As in dreams even here the images are broken, fragmented, confused, repeated. Men and children walking on the beach, are in the water, they seem to float in space light. The atmosphere is surreal and dreamlike. The dream enchants us and keeps us glued to watch. The music is perfectly appropriate for the movie. Wonderful work!

“17h15 – Beirut, I remembered..” by nanou ghanem (Lily in the rain)

17h15 - Beirut, I remembered
The music of the great Nino Rota, written for “La dolce vita” of Fellini, accompanies this wonderful movie. The images begin from a moving car on a city street and continue with the author of the movie that turns like a dance with her iPhone in hand. The atmosphere is surreal and nostalgic. A trip down memory full of poetry. Great movie!

“September 10, 2015” by Karen Axelrad

September 10, 2015
September 10 in Berlin. Some scenes of a day out in the city: the subway, the historic center, a park, Old Metropolitan Gallery, the exhibition Impressionism / Expressionism. A wonderful route to visit the sights of Berlin through the eyes of the author of the movie. Lovely music. Street work movie very interesting!

“One minute and thirty nine seconds” by Armineh Hovanesian

One minute and thirty nine seconds
The observation of the sky fascinates the man from the moment he was born. Look at the sky, the clouds, the rain, the wind moves the clouds while they form strange figures (animals, objects, human faces): which appeal to us all! The effects of light and sound help to create a magical and dreamy. Wonderful mood!

“At home” by Dani Salvadori

At home, Scarborough, 12 September 2015
“At home” it is not a real movie, but action photo. With this technique accompanied by background voices that continue throughout the movie, the result is a video in which images were stopped, slowed down, overlapped to tell us something. Scenes of daily life similar to those of many of us. This movie is very interesting!

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