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Welcome to this spectacular video tutorial by our wondrous Editor, Jerry Jobe. This week (by popular request), Jobe has created an iMovie tutorial to help our interviewees create their own TrueView Videos for us (if you haven’t seen these, then you must! Please go here).

iMovie (for iOS) retails for $4.99/£3.99 and you can download it here.

So many thanks to Jobe, this is wonderful, thank you!

"By request, here’s a video tutorial about making videos using iMovie, the free app for all iPhone users. There are a few points I want to make before you watch the video:

Video does take off the edges of your photos. If I did the video over again, I would add a border to each screenshot. That way, the border would be cut off and not the valuable screen information.

It is important, when connecting with the audience, to look at the camera lens. It then seems you are looking right into their eyes. I would break up the introduction so I wouldn’t have to look down to refer to notes.

At one point about 50 seconds in, I use the word “expected” when I should have used “expecting”. Words matter.

This video, comprised of 20 short clips, took me about three hours to create. This was a function of learning the app as well. Once you’re familiar with it, things move much faster.

Hope you enjoy it!"


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